May 21, 2024


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711 Institute and GSI signed a contract for an icebreaking survey ship power system project

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711 Institute and GSI signed a contract for an icebreaking survey ship power system project

Recently, China State Shipbuilding Corporation No. 711 Institute and Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd.(GSI) signed a contract for the integrated supply of power systems for a 3,000-ton icebreaking survey vessel. This is the power system supply contract for the ice-breaking scientific research ship once again undertaken by No. 711 Institute after undertaking the power system transformation project of the “Xuelong” and being responsible for the integrated design of the power system of the “Xuelong 2” and the integrated supply of the power supply system. The successful undertaking of this project has once again consolidated the leading position of No. 711 Institute in the power system integration of domestic polar ice-breaking scientific research ships.

The 3,000-ton ice-breaking survey vessel is a multi-purpose ice-breaking scientific research vessel designed by No. 708 Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources and built by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International.

As a power system integrator, the No. 711 Institute provides the ship with equipment such as generator sets, electric propulsion systems, side thrusters, and dynamic positioning systems. The power system is equipped with two 3200kW pod propulsion devices, and the speed of the ship can reach 17 knots. The propeller fully takes into account the requirements of ice breaking and underwater noise, and the use of stainless steel blades can ensure that the ship can sail through the ice layer with a thickness of 0.8 to 1 meter at a speed of 1.5 to 2 knots. The generator set is equipped with the double-layer vibration isolation device and SCR post-processing device provided by No. 711 Institute, which can realize the underwater radiated noise requirements of ships at a speed of 11kn and meet the requirements of CCS UNDERWATER NOISE Level 2 and all-weather clean emission requirements, providing the best technology survey environment.

After the ship is completed and delivered, it can be used for icebreaking in the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, performing tasks such as monitoring the marine environment in ice areas, measuring sea ice, and taking into account the rescue of ice areas. It is of great significance to promote the development of my country’s polar marine scientific research industry, safeguard national marine rights and interests, develop polar marine resources, protect the polar marine environment, and prevent and reduce disasters.

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作为动力系统集成商,七一一所为该船提供发电机组、电力推进系统、侧推装置和动力定位系统等设备。动力系统配置2台3200kW吊舱推进装置,船舶航速可达17节。螺旋桨充分兼顾破冰及水下噪声要求,使用不锈钢桨叶,可保障船舶以1.5到2节的航速破0.8到1米厚度的冰层航行。发电机组配置七一一所提供的双层隔振装置和SCR后处理装置,可实现11kn航速下,船舶水下辐射噪声要求满足CCS UNDERWATER NOISE 2级要求和全天候清洁排放要求,提供最优的科考作业环境。



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