April 13, 2024


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712 Institute won the first order for the power system of the LNG Bunkering Carrier

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712 Institute won the first order for the power system of the LNG Bunkering Carrier

Recently, China Shipbuilding 712 Institute won the bid for the power system order of 12,000cbm of LNG bunkering carriers.

It is reported that the ship was invested by CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd. and built by Nantong CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC Enric. The ship has a total length of 132.9 meters, a width of 22 meters, and a depth of 11.8 meters. It is an LNG transportation and bunkering vessel that can carry LNG and can realize external filling. The propulsion system adopts an electric propulsion system, and the engine adopts a dual-fuel engine in the form of micro-ignition. ; Two sets of 1800kW azimuth rudder propellers (pull type) are set at the tail, and a bow thruster is set at the bow; it can sail in the B-class ice area, and has a positioning level equivalent to DP2 under the design sea conditions. After completion, the ship will mainly undertake tasks such as coastal LNG-powered ship bunkering, inland river bunkering station, and LNG transfer at the Yangtze River transfer station, and promote the “oil-to-gas” transformation of my country’s ships.

At present, the global shipping industry is paying more and more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction. The domestic ship pollution control policy is becoming more and more clear, and the measures are becoming more and more strict. The replacement of high-polluting fuels with clean energy is the general trend in the green shipping industry in the future. As an efficient and clean alternative to traditional energy, liquefied natural gas has attracted much attention in the context of continuous growth in energy demand and increasing awareness of environmental protection. It has become the consensus of the state, departments, and local governments to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the shipbuilding industry and to further promote the application of LNG to water. LNG bunkering ships have broad market prospects. Winning the bid for the power system of the LNG bunkering carrier this time is of great significance for the 712 Institute to develop the LNG bunkering ship market.

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