February 28, 2024


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A 114,000DWT Crude Oil Tanker of Yangzhou COSCO was successfully undocked

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A 114,000DWT Crude Oil Tanker of Yangzhou COSCO was successfully undocked

At 6 am on August 26, Yangzhou COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. constructed a 114,000DWT crude oil tanker N987 from Aegean Shipping, Greece, and successfully completed the docking node at the company’s No. 2 dry dock as scheduled.

During the construction of the N987 in the dock, the continuous high temperature occurred once in many years. The abnormally high-temperature weather for more than two months brought a severe test to the continuous and balanced production on site. The Manufacturing Headquarters have discussed safety supervision, affairs, and other departments many times. According to the new situation reflected in different stages, in line with the principle of protecting the life, health, and safety of employees and rationally arranging the production rhythm, work systems such as the “Work and Rest Time Adjustment Plan for High-Temperature Periods” have been formed. . According to the actual situation on site, a large number of new methods and measures have been adopted to build a heatstroke prevention barrier. It is ensured that there is a coolness in “high temperature”, protection in “severe heat”, and response to “risk”, ensuring continuous and orderly production, and production nodes are completed on schedule and with high quality.

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8月26日上午6时,扬州中远海运重工承建希腊希腊Aegean Shipping的一艘114000载重吨原油轮N987轮在公司2号干船坞按照预定计划圆满完成出坞节点。



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