May 21, 2024


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An LNG Carrier turns around to Europe for Energy battle heat up

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An LNG Carrier turns around to Europe for Energy battle heat up- British Listener

The Russian-Ukrainian war has exacerbated the energy crisis, and the global energy competition has intensified. As the price of natural gas in Europe has soared, LNG ships bound for Asia have to pay high tolls to turn around twice through the Panama Canal to Europe. 

According to foreign media reports, the LNG carrier “British Listener” chartered by British Petroleum (BP) left the Freeport LNG terminal in Texas on March 21 and passed through the Panama Canal to go to Asia. Changed course on 1 January, and returned to the Panama Canal again for Gibraltar.

Such turns are uncommon, and ships need to pay a $1 million toll to pass through the Panama Canal again. However, due to the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the price of natural gas in Europe in April has been much higher than that in Asia, so changing the course and selling LNG to Europe can obtain greater benefits.

From April 1, Russia has demanded payment in rubles for gas exports to Europe, which many countries have rejected. At the same time, European countries are also actively exploring new sources of natural gas supply to reduce their dependence on Russia for energy use, while the demand for LNG exported by the United States continues to soar.

A similar case occurred in the market in January this year, when the price of natural gas in Europe was also higher than in Asia. Suspicions linger over Russian gas supplies as the Russia-Ukraine war continues, economic factors that send about two-thirds of U.S. gas to Europe.

Peter Rosenthal, head of power and North American gas at consultancy Energy Aspects, said: “This is in line with our forecast for a record high European LNG import this year, driven by recent month futures trading prices on the Dutch Gas Exchange (TTF) since April, which are higher than The Asian LNG price indicator Japan/Korea Marker (JKM) is high, with a premium of $3.5 per million British thermal units (mmBtu).”

Although the United States calls on Europe to achieve energy independence, it hopes to cut off Russia’s energy supply chain to the EU. If Europe wants to import U.S. natural gas, it can only be carried by ships. Considering the current import trade data, the carrying capacity of LNG carriers will be a big challenge.

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据外媒报道,由英国石油公司(BP)租赁的LNG船“British Listener”号在3月21日驶离得克萨斯州Freeport LNG码头,穿过巴拿马运河准备前往亚洲,在航行两周后却于4月1日改变航向,再次返回巴拿马运河驶往直布罗陀。


从4月1日开始,俄罗斯要求输往欧洲的天然气以卢布支付,这遭到许多国家的拒绝。与此同时,欧洲各国也在积极探索新的天然气供应来源, 减少对俄罗斯能用依赖,与此同时美国出口的 LNG 需求持续飙升。


咨询公司Energy Aspects电力和北美天然气主管Peter Rosenthal表示:“这和我们对今年欧洲LNG进口量创新高的预测一致,背后原因是4月以来的荷兰天然气交易中心(TTF)最近月期货交易价格,比亚洲LNG价格指针Japan/Korea Marker(JKM)高,每百万英热单位(mmBtu)溢价3.5美元。”



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