October 5, 2023


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Babcock LGE delivers the first ecoETHN system to Jiangnan Shipbuilding

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Babcock LGE delivers the first ecoETHN system to Jiangnan Shipbuilding

British liquefied gas solution specialist Babcock LGE recently delivered the first ecoETHN cargo handling and fuel gas supply system to Jiangnan Shipbuilding. The system will be used on a series of very large ethane carriers (VLECs) built for Pacific Gas. The first system delivered this time was installed on the “Pacific Ineos Belstaff“, which will be leased to the multinational chemical company INEOS for operation after delivery. Babcock LGE’s ecoETHN technology combines a cargo handling and fuel gas supply system to reliquefy methane-rich boil-off gas for use as fuel for the main engine and auxiliary generator sets.

In normal sea voyages, when ecoETHN is integrated with the main engine and power generation system of the ship, only one reliquefaction system needs to be operated, which can significantly save total capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX), reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote Safe and efficient ship operations with environmental and commercial advantages. 

Neale Campbell, General Manager of Babcock LGE, said: “The delivery of the first ethane cargo handling and fuel gas supply system ecoETHN is a great achievement for us and we are proud to have delivered this valuable and important project on time, a testament to the dedication of our team. Spirit and hard work. In addition, it strengthens our long-term relationship with Jiangnan Shipbuilding and ship owner Pacific Gas.”

Held, Babcock LGE has had an extraordinary year in 2021 with project acquisitions and successful deliveries in the LPG, LNG, and fuel gas supply systems markets. Going forward, the company will focus on developing zero-carbon fuels and CO2 shipping solutions to support the transition to net-zero.

Source: eworldship

Babcock LGE交付江南造船首套ecoETHN系统

英国液化气体方案专家Babcock LGE公司近日向江南造船交付了首套ecoETHN货物处理与燃料气体供应系统。

据悉,该系统将用于为Pacific Gas公司建造的系列超大型乙烷运输船(VLEC)。此次交付的首套系统安装在“Pacific Ineos Belstaff”号上,该船交付后将租赁至跨国化学品公司INEOS运营。

Babcock LGE公司的ecoETHN技术融合了货物处理与燃料气体供应系统,能对富含甲烷的蒸发气体进行再液化,然后作为主机和辅助发电机组的燃料使用。


Babcock LGE公司总经理Neale Campbell介绍说,“交付首套乙烷货物处理与燃料气体供应系统ecoETHN是我们的一项巨大成就,很自豪能按时交付这个宝贵而重要的项目,证明了我们团队的奉献精神和辛勤工作。此外,也加强了我们与江南造船和船东Pacific Gas的长期合作关系。”

举行,Babcock LGE公司在2021年经历了非凡的一年,在LPG、LNG和燃料气体供应系统市场获得了项目并成功交付。展望未来,该公司将致力于开发零碳燃料和二氧化碳海运解决方案,支援向净零转型。

来源: 国际船舶网

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