October 4, 2023


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Beihai Shipbuilding’s 325,000ton Ore Carrier No.12 was successfully undocked

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Beihai Shipbuilding's 325,000ton Ore Carrier No.12 was successfully undocked

On May 31, the 325,000-ton ore carrier No. 12 “BOKM GUAIBA” of the KMARIN project of China Shipbuilding Corporation Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully undocked.

The 325,000ton ore carrier is 340 meters long, 62 meters wide, 29.5 meters deep, 21.4 meters structural draft, and has a cruising range of 25,500 nautical miles. It is a series of 325,000-ton ore carriers built by Beihai Shipbuilding for Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and KMARIN GROUP.

During the construction of the ship in the dock, the KMARIN project team worked with the technical and production departments to formulate special plans for each node to accurately locate the construction period of each process. Three weeks before unloading, a closing meeting will be held every day to sort out the inspection and inspection opinions, and the project team will coordinate the safety work content. Quantify the production process, implement production technology preparations, analyze work difficulties, and pay close attention to production priorities. In close cooperation with the shipowner, the overall painting work of the engine room was completed in the docking stage, and the shaft arrangement was completed. Compared with the series of ships, the cycle was shortened by more than 3 days, and the casting of the steering gear and the engine room piping system exceeded the planned completion rate of 50%. The general group stage of the living building is energized, the lighting of floors above A and above is completed, the electrical wiring of the living building is 90% complete, the completion rate of the whole ship cable laying plan is 90%, and the wiring of the engine room equipment is completed except for the main engine and steering gear.

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5月31日,中国船舶集团青岛北海造船有限公司KMARIN项目32.5万吨矿砂船12号船“BOKM GUAIBA”号顺利出坞。

32.5万吨矿砂船船长340米,型宽62米,型深29.5米,结构吃水21.4米,续航能力25500海里。是北海造船为交银金融租赁有限责任公司和KMARIN GROUP建造的32.5万吨矿砂船系列船。



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