August 15, 2022


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China Shipbuilding successfully delivered the first dual-fuel main engine in 2022

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China Shipbuilding Diesel - Dual Fuel Engine

On January 25th, in the small year of the north, good news came from the China Shipbuilding Diesel Headquarters, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation. The W6X62DF CSS037 dual-fuel engine built by the company for Guangzhou Shipyard International, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, was successfully delivered at the Qingdao General Assembly Plant. The main engine is The first dual-fuel main engine successfully delivered by China Shipbuilding Diesel Headquarters in 2022 meets the Tier III emission standards of the International Maritime Organization and has been unanimously recognized by ship owners, shipyards, and classification societies.

Under the general development trend of green, energy-saving, low-carbon, and environmental protection in the global marine industry, dual-fuel low-emission marine low-speed engines have good market prospects. China Marine Diesel actively responds to the national “dual carbon” policy, strives to develop the new energy ship market, and strengthens the research in the field of new energy power. The successful delivery of the main engine indicates that the company is making steady progress in the dual-fuel marine low-speed diesel engine industry.

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1月25日,正值北方小年,中国船舶集团所属中国船柴总部传来好消息,公司为中国船舶集团所属广船国际建造的W6X62DF CSS037双燃料机在青岛总装厂成功交付,该主机是中国船柴总部2022年成功交付的首台双燃料主机,满足国际海事组织TierⅢ排放标准,获得船东、船厂和船级社的一致认可。