October 5, 2023


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Chowgule Shipyard begins construction of first hybrid electric bulk carrier for ESL

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Chowgule Shipyard begins construction of first hybrid electric bulk carrier for ESL- First Steel Cutting

On March 15, the Indian Chowgule Shipyard held a steel plate cutting ceremony for the first hybrid electric bulk carrier built by the Finnish shipping company ESL Shipping, and the construction officially started.

This is the first in a series of six 5,350DWT hybrid vessels ordered by AtoB@C Shipping AB, a subsidiary of ESL Shipping, at Chowgule Shipyard and is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2023. This series of ships is 90 meters long, 16 meters wide, 6 meters draft, and adopts 1A ice-class specifications. It is the market leader in terms of cargo capacity, technology, and innovation. The total value of the six ships is about 70 million euros.

According to ESL Shipping, the new ship can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 50% compared to existing ships, making it the most energy-efficient ship of its type. Ship-mounted battery packs, shore power solutions, and electric hybrid applications will enable completely emission-free and noise-free port berthing. Ships can also enter and leave ports solely on electric power.

The new ship design work and comprehensive model tests were carried out by Dutch design firm SMB Naval Architects in collaboration with ESL. ESL has been closely involved in vessel design and customized vessels according to customer needs, paying particular attention to energy efficiency and cargo space arrangements.

It is understood that Chowgule Shipyard is a subsidiary of the Chowgule Group, an Indian family-owned company. It has rich experience in small ship construction and serves many European customers. Clarksons data shows that Chowgule currently holds orders for 13 ships of 64,200DWT, with the delivery period extending until 2026.

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3月15日,印度Chowgule & Company Private Limited船厂为芬兰航运公司ESL Shipping建造的首艘混合动力电动散货船举行钢板切割仪式,正式开工。

这是ESL Shipping旗下子公司AtoB@C Shipping AB在Chowgule船厂订造的系列6艘5350载重吨混合动力船中的第一艘,预计将在2023年第三季度交付。该系列船长90米,宽16米,吃水6米,采用1A冰级规格,在货运能力、技术和创新方面均处于市场领先地位,6艘船总价值约为7000万欧元。

据ESL Shipping介绍,与现有船舶相比,新船能够将二氧化碳排放量减少近50%,是同船型中能效最高的船舶。船上安装的电池组、岸电解决方案和电力混合动力应用,将实现完全无排放和无噪音的港口停泊。船舶也能只依靠电动力进出港口。

新船设计工作和综合模型试验由荷兰设计公司SMB Naval Architects与ESL合作进行。ESL一直密切参与船舶设计,并根据客户需要定制船舶,特别注意能效与货运空间的安排。



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