October 5, 2023


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CIMC and RMS Projects to build 10 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels

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CIMC and RMS Projects to build 10 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels

CIMC will cooperate with German general cargo company RMS Projects to build a series of 10 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels.

RMS Projects recently stated that CIMC Group has appointed the company as the commercial manager of the multi-purpose heavy lift vessel newbuilding development project, which will build up to 10 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels in CIMC’s shipyards, of which the first six are planned to be built in 2024. to be delivered in 2025, and the rest will be delivered in 2025.

The ship has a deadweight of 14,000 tons and is equipped with two 250-ton cranes with a total lifting capacity of 500 tons. According to RMS Projects, the new vessel is specially optimized for the transport of breakbulk for both onshore and offshore projects.

Although RMS Projects did not disclose the exact price, according to Toepfer Transport estimates, the 12,500DWT gondola with similar lifting capacity will cost about US$30 million per vessel. Based on this calculation, the cost of these 10 new ships for CIMC Group will exceed 300 million US dollars (about 2.018 billion yuan).

It is understood that RMS Projects, formerly known as Arkon Shipping & Projects (AKS), was originally established in 2007. In 2021, AKS and heavyweight shipping company Rhenus Maritime Services (RMS) announced a merger to form a new company, RMS Projects. The company is mainly engaged in ocean transportation, ship contracting, contract of carriage (COA) and project management, new building development, second-hand ships, and ship management.

Currently, RMS Projects‘ fleet operates 19 heavy lift vessels, including 3 vessels of 8,000 DWT (total lifting capacity of 400 tons), 6 vessels of 8,000 DWT (total lifting capacity of 500 tons), and 4 vessels of 10,000 DWT (total lifting capacity of 500 tons). Lifting capacity of 500 tons), 3 ships of 12,300 DWT (total lifting capacity of 500 tons), and 3 ships of 14,350 DWT (total lifting capacity of 800 tons). In addition, the company operates a small bulk carrier of 9,205 DWT.

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中集集团将与德国件杂货公司RMS Projects合作建造系列10艘多用途重吊船。

RMS Projects近日表示,中集集团已经委任该公司作为多用途重吊船新造船开发项目的商业经理,将在中集集团旗下船厂建造最多10艘多用途重吊船,其中前6艘计划在2024年交付,其余将在2025年交付。

该型船载重量14000吨,配备了两台250吨的起重机,总起重能力500吨,入级DNV,具备1A冰级和无舱口(hatchless)记号。RMS Projects称,新船针对陆上和海上项目的件杂货运输而进行了特别优化。

虽然RMS Projects没有透露具体价格,不过根据Toepfer Transport的推测数据,类似起重能力的12500载重吨重吊船造价约为每艘3000万美元。以此计算,中集集团这10艘新船造价将超过3亿美元(约合人民币20.18亿元)。

据了解,RMS Projects原名Arkon Shipping & Projects(AKS),最初成立于2007年。2021年,AKS与重大件航运公司Rhenus Maritime Services(RMS)宣布合并,组成新公司RMS Projects。该公司主要从事海洋运输、船舶承包、包运合同(COA)和项目管理、新造船开发、二手船和船舶管理业务。

目前,RMS Projects旗下船队运营19艘重吊船,包括3艘8000载重吨(总起重能力400吨)、6艘8000载重吨(总起重能力500吨)、4艘10000载重吨(总起重能力500吨)、3艘12300载重吨(总起重能力500吨)以及3艘14350载重吨(总起重能力800吨)。此外,该公司还运营1艘9205载重吨小型散货船。


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