April 13, 2024


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CIMC Raffles secures PCTCs EPC Contract with Zodiac Group

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marine-news-CIMC Raffles secures PCTCs EPC Contract with Zodiac Group


In recent days, CIMC Raffles signed a 7,000 CEU PCTCs EPC Contract plus multiple options with Monaco-based international shipping enterprise, Zodiac Group.

This is a new step for CIMC Raffles in the PCTC vessel segment, which enhanced the competitiveness of the company in the international RoRo market.

Mr. Eyal Ofer, Chairman of Zodiac Group, and Mr. Wang Jianzhong, CEO and President of CIMC Raffles, attended the ceremony on behalf of both companies witnessed by the respective management and project teams.

The design of this series of PCTCs comes from the SDARI.

The vessel has a length of 199.90 meters, a width of 38 meters, a capacity of about 7,000 vehicles, a service speed of 19 knots, and two sets of C-type LNG storage tanks, which can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This is a new generation of environmentally friendly ships.  

During this special pandemic period, CIMC Raffles and Zodiac Group conclude the contract online. Both parties are looking forward to a long-term and solid partnership.

Wang Jianzhong added “PCTC vessel is our common concern and important business direction, CIMC Raffles is very pleased to work with Zodiac Group for contributing our force to the global low emission and green shipping. At the same time, based on this series vessels project, we hope to strengthen and widen our cooperation with diverse business opportunities.”

Zodiac Group is one of the world’s largest privately held shipping groups, operating a diversified fleet of over 180 vessels worldwide. Its UK-based international ship management company, Zodiac Maritime Ltd., is headquartered in London. In recent years, due to the global energy transition and the development trend of low carbon and zero emissions, ZODIAC has continued to deploy in the field of new energy vehicle carriers.

Source CIMC Offshore

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