September 27, 2022


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CSSC Guangxi teams up with Houpu Clean Energy to design 2 LNGCs

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marine-news-CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding is on a design contract for 2 LNG carriers

Recently, CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd. and Houpu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. signed a design contract for a 3,000 m3 LNG carrier and a 1,500 m3 LNG carrier.

The two types of ships are designed in accordance with DNV classification. The ship type is planned to feature high efficiency and energy saving.

After several years of deployment, CSSC Guangxi has targeted building environmentally friendly vessels. “Thinking and integrating into local economic construction” to fulfill the promise of central enterprises. The two-type LNG carrier is opening a new chapter in the environmental protection of CSSC Guangxi. It is also the company’s first overseas project of LNG carriers in the design sector, marking the beginning of the design sector’s business integration into the international ship design field and setting off a new journey.

Houpu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. was established on January 7, 2005. It is a clean energy solution service provider. Houpu Clean Energy has 15 years of experience in the LNG industry and is one of the first companies to enter the LNG ship market.

It can provide high-quality products and overall services for LNG bunkering and LNG gas supply systems for the marine industry. Among them, the marine fuel gas supply system was the first to obtain the overall system type certification of the China Classification Society and took the lead in mastering the technical know-how and key technologies for the construction of marine bunkering stations and ship transformation, making the barge-type LNG bunkering station at the leading domestic level.

In recent years, Relying on its leading technological innovation capabilities, Houpu Energy has been in a leading position in the domestic market for its inland LNG marine refueling/gas supply system products.

Source International Shipping Network