November 28, 2022


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CSSC Hudong to build three 174,000 m3 LNGC for COSCO Energy

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In the last quarter of 2021, CSSC Hudong Zhonghua made a major step by taking three 174,000 m3 LNG carriers shipbuilding. The construction is under the agreed contract with COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation.

CSSC Hudong teams up with PetroChina International, COSCO SHIPPING LNG Investment (Shanghai), and COSCO SHIPPING Oil Transportation to carry out the shipbuilding at a total value of approximately US$590 million.

CSSC Hudong Zhonghua innovates and optimizes its products in both ship’s design and construction technology.  In early July, CSSC Hudong and SDARI have established long-term cooperation. Both parties strengthened collaboration in ship design industrial software development, joint research, and development of ship types.

marine-news-Changxing Series CSSC Hudong Zhonghua design

This time, the new type of ship adopts the latest independent design by Hudong-Zhonghua. The fourth-generation “Changxin Series” design for large-scale LNG carriers. The 174,000 m3 LNGC is 295 meters long, 45 meters wide, 26.25 meters deep, and has a speed of 19.5 knots. “Changxin Series” design features a global new generation of dual-fuel low-speed propulsion power systems.

The high-quality vessel will perform in line with environmental protection and full ability to meet the strict requirements from IMO.

After CSSC Hudong Zhonghua completes the LNG carriers construction, these carriers will serve the trade needs of PetroChina International and its subsidiaries. It not only enhances the transportation capability of its fleet but elevates the competitiveness of the company in the LNG shipping industry.

According to statistics, Hudong-Zhonghua delivered a total of 17 ships throughout the year, including three 23,000 TEU dual-fuel ultra-large container ships, two 174,000 m3 LNG carriers, and two 174,000 m3 large LNG-FSRUs, four 13,000DWT heavy-lift ships, one 18,600 m3 LNG bunkering vessel, three 15,000TEU ultra-large container ships, and 2 other ships. 

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