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CSSC Jiangnan launched the last dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid PCTC

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On December 27, CSSC Jiangnan Shipbuilding has achieved a smooth launching of the last 3,600-car dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid pure car truck carrier (PCTC) (H2665) in the series. CSSC Jiangnan shipbuilder previously secured the building of 3 PCTCs with its partner UECC.

Since the successful launch of the first PCTC (H2663) in November, CSSC Jiangnan just took around a month to reach the last milestone for UECC.

The ship construction team followed the construction concept of “the first-made ship seeks a breakthrough, the No. 2 ship is stable, and the No. 3 ship promotes improvement” to ensure success in various aspects such as total section construction, precision control.

The first dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid PCTC to start trading

UECC has taken delivery of the world’s first dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid PCTC, Auto Advance on November 29.

“Having brought into operation the first-ever dual-fuel LNG PCTCs five years ago, UECC is now taking delivery of the first of three of the world’s first dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid PCTC to be built. This is another big step forward in eco-friendly ship operations that shows we walk the talk,” says UECC chief executive Glenn Edvardsen.

The first energy efficiency and emissions reduction PCTC achieved Smart energy management and Fuel optionality requirements from UECC.

The hybrid solution, which has gained DNV’s Battery Safety notation, will be steered by an intelligent energy management system, supplied by Kongsberg Maritime. Batteries can be most efficiently charged while at sea using the shaft generator so that they are fully charged when entering port, enabling the vessel to maneuver in port using bow thrusters.

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Source UECC – Dual-fuel PCTC Auto Advance

“This will effectively eliminate emissions while in port and these vessels are also equipped to connect to green power from shore that is becoming increasingly available in order to reduce harmful emissions of NOx, SOx and particulate matter,” UECC’s head of ship management and newbuilding Jan Thore Foss.

UECC’s energy and sustainability manager Daniel Gent says: “LNG is presently the most environment-friendly and widely available low-carbon fuel, with an estimated emissions reduction of around 25% compared with other fossil fuels.

“We are therefore taking advantage of the best available fuel solution now and combining this with hybrid technology to further cut emissions. But we are not locked into LNG and these dual-fuel engines are also ready to use alternative low-emission fuels such as biofuel, bio-LNG and synthetic LNG as these become commercially and technically viable.”

The last PCTC in the series, significantly gains in lauching process preparation

CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard has managed thoroughly the process to reach the successful launch, in overall planning and integrated optimization.

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1) Mainly through measures such as design review and on-site checks to effectively control the integrity of the entire ship’s outfitting for launching 95%;

2) Organize multiple batches of inspections of the ship’s pre-launching status, and calculate the accurate weight center of gravity of the launching ship, so as to calculate and formulate a more accurate launching calculation plan to ensure the safety of the launching process;

3) Summarize and optimize the whole process, check for leaks, carefully sort out new risks and hidden dangers in the launching process. Further, improve emergency plans, and conducted a review of the launching plan;

Jiangnan Shipbuilding’s third 3600 vehicle dual-fuel hybrid PCTC launched

The ship encountered a warning of strong winds during launching. For this reason, the construction team established a special inspection team to inspect the floating state of the floating dock, ship ropes, and floating dock ropes respectively, and established an hourly reporting system. Real-time monitor the status of ships and docks are to ensure that the launching work can be carried out safely and smoothly.

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After H2665 is successfully launched, it will enter the dock mooring test stage. In the future, the construction team will continue to uphold the work attitude and style of precise planning, adequate preparation, teamwork, strict control, and steady progress to complete the construction of the third PCTC series ship.

UECC operates a fleet of 16 medium sized pure car and truck carriers (PCTC) with loading capacity ranging from 1060 to 4750 car equivalent units. The vessels are fully adapted to operate on European short-sea routes

Source eworldship, UECC

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