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CSSC Jiangnan Shipbuilding milestones through 30 years

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On June 23-25, CSSC Jiangnan Shipbuilding participated in the 7th China International LNG & GAS Exhibition and Summit at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

Jiangnan Shipbuilding products cover LPG, LEG, LNG vessels to VLGC, VLEC.

Jiangnan shipbuilding develops and design Type C, Type A, Type B membrane tanks independently providing the customer a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions.

23000TEU ultra-large container ship

This ship type is the world’s first ultra-large container ship using membrane fuel tanks and dual-fuel propulsion. It uses LNG as the main fuel. It not only uses WinGD dual-fuel main engine but also is equipped with the world’s first GTT MARK Ⅲ membrane fuel tank, up to 18,600 m3, can operate in Asia and Europe routes.

98,000 cubic meters super large ethane ship

The world’s first 98,000 m3 B-type VLEC ship, and the B-type membrane tank is a substantial engineering breakthrough.

The ship type is equipped with “BrilliancE” type-B tank independently developed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding. This type-B tank is a reliable and efficient operation. The ship is equipped with a shaft generator and ethane dual-fuel main engine, which environmental protection, and is known as an E-class PANDA.

175,000 cubic meters LNG ship

Jiangnan Shipbuilding has successfully cooperated with LR and Institute 708 to obtain the (Approval in Principle) AiP certification for the 175,000 m3 LNG JUMBO Flex Carrier Design

28,000 cubic meters of LNG floating regasification platform

It is the world’s first model of large-scale LNG receiving station. It is used in the LNG receiving station in Ghana, Africa.

86,000 cubic meters dual-fuel VLGC

22,000 cubic meters ethylene ship

The ship type is classified into the Lloyd’s Register Classification Society and follows the design concept of “efficient, environmentally friendly and safe”.

37,500 cubic meters ethylene ship

The 37500 square liquefied ethylene gas carrier is the world’s largest liquefied ethylene/ethane gas carrier independently developed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding. This kind of goods is mainly used for long-distance and large-volume transportation across the ocean.

Regarding the membrane enclosure system, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has been carrying out technical reserves since 2002 and has successively obtained the construction qualifications of NO96 and MARK Ⅲ systems.

In the past 30 years, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has held orders and successfully built more than 90 liquefied gas ships, and built more than 450 marine liquid tanks, making its market share and reputation in the LNG market has increased.

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