January 29, 2023


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CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard achieves 2 successful sea trials on the same day

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CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard has accomplished 2 successful sea trials for a 15,000TEU container ship and a 3600-car dual-fuel PCTC.

The 15,000TEU dual-fuel ultra-large container ship achieved the successful sea trial

On November 11h, a second vessel in the series of 15,000 TEU dual-fuel ultra-large container ships has finished the sea trial.

The gas trial was successfully achieved. Overcome the rough weather the trial team collaborates to complete over 120 test projects, outstanding performance. The ship is expected to be officially delivered at the end of this month.

The container ship’s series is built under the cooperation of CSSS Jiangnan and China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSTC). The ship has a total length of 366 meters, a width of 51 meters, a service speed of 22 knots, a carrying capacity of 15,254 TEU, and a capacity of 1,800 refrigerated containers.

LNG is the main fuel of the series, geared up with dual-fuel propulsion, WinGD main engine. Especially, the ship features MARK III membrane fuel tanks which are independently built CSSC Jiangnan. This is the first time that CSSC Jiangnan carries out this type of membrane tanks construction. The accomplishment places a solid foundation for the next orders in the future.

Recently CSSC Jiangnan completed the sea trial for 15,000 TEU boxship CMA CGM PATAGONIA in July 2021.

The UECC 3600-car dual-fuel PCTC completed its sea trial

On November 11th, the first ship of the 3,600-car dual-fuel pure car truck carrier (PCTC) built by CSSC Jiangnan Shipbuilding completed a regular sea trial during the National Day.

The 3,600 PCTC is the world’s first RORO with LNG dual-fuel + battery hybrid power and is equipped with a controllable pitch propeller.

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The ship can achieve ultra-low emissions under normal navigation, entering and exiting ports, loading, and unloading, and is a world-class, technologically advanced, efficient, green, and environmentally friendly PCTC.

CSSC Jiangnan always puts great effort into its products, designed and constructed with innovative technology and meeting the delivery time. This July, Jiangnan Shipyard and Wuhu Shipyard exchanged on intelligent manufacturing, improve the shipbuilding.

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