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CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard delivered the 4th 86,000m3 dual-fuel VLGC

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marine-news-CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard delivered the 4th 86,000m3 dual-fuel VLGC

On November 5, CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard has officially delivered the fourth 86,000m3 dual-fuel VLGC “GAS SAGITTARIUS” for Southwest Maritime.

The ship has a total length of 230 meters, a design draft of 11.4 meters, a width of 36.6 meters, a structural draft of 12 meters, a depth of 22.2 meters. GAS SAGITTARIUS is registered under the Singapore flag.

Following the requirements of IMO, the vessel design meets the latest Tier III, IGC Code emission standards.

Jiangnan Shipyard builds trust in shipowners by leading a number of multi-type VLGCs in the process of intensive construction/commissioning. Jiangnan Shipyard has continued to accelerate in the construction of newbuild as well as shortening of the docking cycle, making the construction speed faster and faster.

In addition, Jiangnan Shipyard puts great effort into researching & developing the liquefied gas ship market. Recently, it succeeds in developing 3rd generation of VLGC.

Jiangnan Shipyard will continue to focus on summarizing the experience of VLGC and VLEC ship types under construction and continue to optimize the operating characteristics of the liquefied gas carriers.

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