October 5, 2023


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CSSC Power delivered the world’s first new-generation intelligent control dual-fule Main Engine

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CSSC Power delivered the world's first new-generation intelligent control dual-fule Main Engine

On June 3, the world’s first 7X62DF-2.1 dual-fuel main engine with intelligent control exhaust gas recirculation (iCER) system was developed by CSSC Power (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, was located in China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone. Shanghai CSSC Mitsui Shipbuilding Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. in Gangxin Area was completed and delivered. As a key product presented to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the successful development of this product not only enriches the type spectrum of my country’s dual-fuel main engine but also enhances the market competitiveness. The dual-fuel engine R&D and manufacturing field continued to maintain its leading edge.

The 7X62DF-2.1 is equipped with the iCER system developed by WinGD, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, with a maximum continuous power of 15,400 kilowatts, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 28%. Natural Gas (LNG) Dual Fuel Powered 7000 Vehicle Car Carrier (PCTC).

The successfully installed application of the iCER system provides a new practice and case for further reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of marine engines. Its biggest advantage is that the air and gas ratio is automatically tracked and dynamically adjusted by a specific algorithm, reducing methane escape in gas mode by 50%. Under the current trend of increasingly stringent green environmental protection and low carbon, it is expected to become a new type of host favored by the market.

The Assembly of the project began in February of this year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, personnel arrangements and material transportation were once difficult. The project team carried forward the spirit of “hard work, sincerity and self-improvement” of CSSC people, and the core personnel voluntarily stationed at the production site and worked together to overcome one problem after another. In the whole manufacturing process, the company goes from marketing to manufacturing, from design technology preparation to the integration of supporting resources, from equipment guarantee to the implementation of the production plan, all of which are closely linked and meticulous.

Since May 10, CSSC Mitsui has been focusing on epidemic prevention and control on one hand, and the whole machine test on the other. It has been working hard at night and in lean management, showing professionalism, professionalism, and dedication everywhere. Actively coordinate with various suppliers to ensure the complete supply of the iCER system, water treatment system, and remote control system. Actively cooperate with various service providers to ensure the performance debugging of the host under various working conditions. Actively contacted and confirmed that representatives of shipowners, classification societies, and shipyards were stationed in advance, deeply participated in verification, testing and delivery, and jointly witnessed the birth of the world’s first CMD-WinGD 7X62DF-2.1 main engine and shared this glorious moment.

It is understood that the dual-fuel main engine using the iCER system will have a wider application prospect. It can be installed not only on large car carriers but also on large LNG carriers, super large container ships, and other ship types. At present, CSSC has ordered more than 60 engines equipped with the iCER system.

At present, the cadres and employees of CSSC are working together to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production. In the future, CSSC will continue to devote itself to the independent research and development of more technologically advanced and green marine power equipment, so as to provide strong power for Chinese ships to build China into strong shipbuilding and marine power.

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自5月10日起,中船三井一手抓疫情防控,一手抓整机试验,星夜兼程,精益管理,处处展现了专业、职业和敬业素养。积极协调各供应商,确保iCER系统、水处理系统和遥控系统的完整性供货。主动协同各服务商,确保主机在各种不同工况下的性能调试。主动联系落实船东、船级社和船厂代表提前进驻,深度参与验证、试验和交付,共同见证了全球首台CMD-WinGD 7X62DF-2.1主机的诞生,共享这一荣耀时刻。




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