August 16, 2022


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CSSC Power Group achieved NH3 FGSS AIP certificate

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marine-news-CSSC power group NH3 FGSS achievement

On December 29th, 2021, the CSSC power group holds the celebration ceremony for their first successful delivery of LNG FGSS and achieving the NH3 FGSS AIP certificate. During the ceremony, Mr. Luigi MATTERA, the Operational Director of China’s RINA, on behalf of RINA issued the AIP certificate of NH3 FGSS to the CSSC power group, which is the first AIP in China for NH3 FGSS.

The IMO decarbonization target and possible solutions have been sufficiently discussed. Both parties have the common understanding that IMO decarbonization is not only a big challenge to shipping but also a good chance for developing new technologies for the shipping industry.

Based on the good cooperation during the NH3 FGSS AIP process, CSSC power group and RINA expressed their big willingness for further close cooperation for other marine alternative fuels in the near future, and contribute together for IMO decarbonization as much as possible.

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