May 21, 2024


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Daewoo Shipbuilding received the order for two more 174,000cbm LNGC

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Daewoo Shipbuilding received the order for two more 174,000cbm LNGC

Daewoo Shipbuilding said on March 18 that it signed a contract for the construction of two 174,000cbm LNG carriers with a shipowner in the Americas, with a contract value of 521 billion won (about 431 million U.S. dollars). The two new ships will be built at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Okpo Shipyard and are scheduled to be delivered to the shipowner by the end of 2025.

This type of LNG carrier will be equipped with Daewoo Shipbuilding‘s ME-GI high-pressure dual-fuel power engine and high-end reliquefaction equipment (Gas Management System). Compared with existing LNG carriers, it can not only improve fuel efficiency but also greatly reduce the number of pollutants. Emissions are environmentally friendly and efficient ships that meet the ever-intensifying greenhouse gas emission limits of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). At the same time, this type of LNG ship also adopts new environmental protection technologies such as intelligent energy consumption system – Shaft Generator Motor System (SGM•Shaft Generator Motor) and Air Lubrication System (ALS•Air Lubrication System), which can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides.

Daewoo Shipbuilding said that with the acceleration of global decarbonization, orders for LNG carriers will continue to increase, and the company is expected to seize a favorable position in this type of ship market by virtue of its excellent performance and rich experience in building the largest number of LNG carriers in the industry. According to Clarkson’s data, as of the end of January this year, of the 686 LNG carriers currently in operation globally, Daewoo Shipbuilding has built 174, accounting for 25.4%, ranking first in the world.

In addition, Daewoo Shipbuilding is actively participating in carbon reduction globally and is playing a leading role in the technological development of future environmentally-friendly ships such as ammonia-fueled ships, liquid hydrogen carriers, and liquefied carbon dioxide carriers.

An official from Daewoo Shipbuilding said: “Except for orders for offshore equipment and equipment depot maintenance, the 13 new ships that the company has undertaken this year are all dual-fuel powered ships. The technical ability has been fully recognized by the shipowner.”

Up to now, Daewoo Shipbuilding has undertaken 15 orders for 7 large-scale LNG ships, 6 container ships, 1 offshore engineering equipment, 1 equipment base-level maintenance, and so on this year, with a total contract value of 4,202 billion won (approximately 3.476 billion won). USD), reaching 39% of this year’s order target of USD 8.9 billion. (Wang Chu)

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该型LNG船将搭载大宇造船ME-GI高压双燃料动力发动机以及高端再液化设备(Gas Management System),与现有的LNG运输船相比,不仅可以提高燃料效率,还能大幅降低污染物的排放量,是满足国际海事组织(IMO)不断强化的温室气体排放限制的环保高效船舶。同时,该型LNG船还采用了智能能源消耗系统——轴带发电机马达系统(SGM•Shaft Generator Motor)以及空气润滑系统(ALS•Air Lubrication System)等环保新技术,可以提高燃料效率,减少二氧化碳和硫氧化物的排放量。



大宇造船相关人士表示:“除了海工装备和装备基地级维修(Depot Maintenance)订单之外,公司今年以来承接的13艘新船都是双燃料动力船舶。这也说明大宇造船在环保船舶领域的技术力已经得到了船东的充分认可。”



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