October 5, 2023


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Daewoo Shipbuilding successfully developed the remote monitoring system for LNGC

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Daewoo Shipbuilding successfully developed the remote monitoring system for LNGC

Daewoo Shipbuilding said on May 9 that the company’s self-developed smart ship technology “LNG carrier tank environment monitoring and remote control system” has been successfully applied to real ships. The system can remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of the cargo tanks of LNG ships.

The cargo tank is the core of the LNG carrier and is made of invar steel, which has extremely high temperature and humidity requirements. In order to store LNG safely, confirming and checking the temperature and humidity inside the cargo tank is a necessary procedure for quality management.

The features of Daewoo Shipbuilding‘s system applied to the actual ship this time are that Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and communication equipment capable of sensing temperature, humidity, and dew point are installed in the cargo tank, and the real-time status of the cargo tank can be obtained through computers and mobile phones. Staff can easily confirm data from cargo tanks in real time, conduct remote inspections, and adjust temperature and humidity.

Previously, the on-site staff needed to check on the ships scattered at the docks of the shipyard, confirm the temperature and humidity in the cargo tank, and then manually record it. In this way, it is difficult to confirm the measured value in real-time, and the staff needs to directly enter the inside of the ship, which poses a great safety hazard.

In order to improve this situation, Daewoo Shipbuilding decided to develop environmental monitoring and remote control system for the cargo tanks of LNG carriers and conducted several empirical tests last year.

Daewoo Shipbuilding said that the successful application of the system has laid the foundation for applying the system to all LNG carriers in the shipyard, and has become an opportunity to further the goal of building a smart shipyard.

Park Sang-hwan, director of production and production at Daewoo Shipbuilding, said, “We look forward to greatly improving the company’s LNG carrier construction capabilities through the successful application of this system. Our goal is not only that but also through continuous development efforts to protect the LNG carrier’s reputation. the status of a noble family.”

It is reported that Daewoo Shipbuilding also plans to challenge the development of an unmanned fully automatic control system using artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the future. (Wang Chu)

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