December 6, 2023


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Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry completed the BWMS project of the “Xin Hai Tong 22”

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Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry completed the BWMS project of the "Xin Hai Tong 22"

A few days ago, the “Xin Hai Tong 22” vessel under construction by Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. completed the ballast water treatment system retrofit and regular repair works and set sail ahead of schedule.

“Xin Hai Tong 22” is a bulk carrier under Fujian Haitong Development Co., Ltd., with a length of 190 meters, a beam of 32 meters, a deadweight of 60,000 tons, and an age of 11 years. The main line of maintenance work in the factory is ballast water transformation. Since the ship was purchased by the ship-owner company just now and the crew was newly taken over, the ship-owner did not fully understand the current state of the ship, which affected the inspection of the project to a certain extent.

After the ship entered the factory, the ship repair management team immediately arranged for the staff to carry out the ballast water reconstruction according to the layout of the existing drawings. This type of ship is designed as a monorail catering crane, and all materials must be transported back into the engine room by using this crane. However, when it was necessary to use a crane for reverse transportation, it was found that the traveling motor of the crane was damaged and could not be used. The management team immediately communicated with the shipowner to find spare parts from Shanghai. During the process of installing the new motor, the management team found that the size of the new motor and the old gearbox did not match. The management team immediately organized professional technicians to transform the motor before it could be installed smoothly, and this small episode also brought about a tight construction period variable.

In order to maintain the construction period, from the production workshops to the single-vessel project team, everyone tried their best to overcome the shortage of construction manpower after the Spring Festival and the impact of a new round of epidemic in the Dalian area. The project has advanced the original sailing schedule on March 19 by three days.

Just one day before the ship sailed, when the project entered the final stage, an emergency occurred in the project. The windlass hydraulic valve purchased by the shipowner could not be installed properly due to the wrong flange size. In order to ensure the shipping schedule, the general management team rose to the challenge, quickly adjusted manpower to replace the damaged pipeline, discussed the valve modification plan, and carried out emergency repairs. Finally, all the engineering and debugging of the hydraulic system were completed on the morning of March 16, ensuring that the ship was on time. Set sail from the factory.

After the ship left the port, the maintenance representative of the shipowner Fujian Haitong Development Co., Ltd. sent a letter of thanks to the general management team of Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. for being able to complete all the scheduled projects with high quality and as planned, and to deal with the on-site various projects calmly. Such emergencies were highly recognized and appreciated.

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