December 5, 2023


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Dalian Shipbuilding Changxing had finished FPSO Garibaldi MV33

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Dalian Shipbuilding Changxing had finished FPSO Garibaldi MV33

On July 27th, as the last riser module slowly settled on the module base and completed the hook removal, it marked that the hoisting tasks of all the upper modules of the FPSO Garibaldi MV33 built by Dalian Shipbuilding Changxing for Singapore MODEC Company were successfully completed ahead of schedule, and the whole ship was successfully completed.

FPSO Garibaldi MV33 project has a total of 36 hooks and 27 modules with a total tonnage of 38,700 tons. The module hoisting is carried out in four batches, including the upper module, living area, bow and stern hose reel, torch tower, ventilation tower, and helicopter. Lifting tasks such as platforms, deck crane bases, etc., all hoisting works of the whole ship were completed perfectly.

It is worth mentioning that the riser module (PW module) built by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Changxing Island Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (“Dalian Shipbuilding Changxing” for short) is the most concentrated area of ​​the ship’s high-pressure piping system, and it is also the construction of the FPSO upper piping system. The most difficult module was hoisted directly from the construction site onto the ship by the sea crane, and finally achieved zero legacy and on-time delivery.

FPSO Garibaldi MV33 is the second FPSO rebuilt by Changxing for MODEC after FPSO Guanabara MV31. On the basis that the FPSO Guanabara MV31 project has successfully completed the hoisting of 34 modules, the module hoisting operation of the FPSO Garibaldi MV33 project not only broke the record of the MV31 in terms of module weight, but also continuously improved the technical solutions and planning arrangements. MODEC, maritime The insurance, the sea crane team and the Dalian Shipbuilding Changxing and other relevant parties cooperated sincerely. During the centralized hoisting window period from the end of June to the end of July, the performance of hoisting “13+1” modules within a month was achieved, which was completed in less than 2 days on average. Hoisting of a module, demonstrating “big ship speed”.

At the same time as the module hoisting operation is completed, the hoisted module integration project is also progressing steadily and orderly according to the plan. Owners solve difficulties, constantly refresh industry records, and win market reputation.

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大船长兴建造FPSO Garibaldi MV33整船成型

7月27日,随着最后一个立管模块缓缓落座于模块底座并完成摘钩,标志着大船长兴为新加坡MODEC公司建造的FPSO Garibaldi MV33的所有上部模块吊装任务提前计划圆满完成,并整船成型。

FPSO Garibaldi MV33项目吊装工程共计36钩,共吊装27个模块,总吨位38700吨,模块吊装共分四批进行,完成了包括上部模块、生活区、艏艉hose reel、火炬塔、透气塔、直升机平台、甲板吊基座等吊装任务,全船所有吊装工程均完美收官。


FPSO Garibaldi MV33是继FPSO Guanabara MV31后,大船长兴为MODEC改造的第二艘FPSO。在FPSO Guanabara MV31项目曾顺利完成34个模块吊装工作的基础上,FPSO Garibaldi MV33项目模块吊装作业不仅在模块重量上刷新了MV31的纪录,同时在技术方案和计划安排上不断改进提高,MODEC、海事保险、海吊团队和大船长兴等各相关方精诚合作,在六月末至七月末的吊装集中窗口期,创造了一个月内吊装“13+1”个模块的业绩,平均每不到2天完成一个模块的吊装,展示了“大船速度”。



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