October 4, 2023


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Deltamarin and GTT jointly design and get approved in principle by DNV for dual-fuel vehicle carrier

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Deltamarin and GTT jointly design and get approved in principle by DNV for dual-fuel vehicle carrier

Recently, during the Norwegian Maritime Exhibition, Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, Chief Executive Officer of Marine Business of DNV Classification Society, was in Oslo to Kristian Knaapi, Sales Manager of Deltamarin (hereinafter referred to as “Deltamarin“), a subsidiary of China Merchants Industry, and Chairman and CEO of French GTT Company. CEO Philippe Berterottière issued a certificate of approval in principle for the design of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual-fuel vehicle carrier.

This type of car carrier is jointly developed by Deltamarin and GTT, uses LNG dual-fuel, and can carry 8,000 vehicles. The design perfectly integrates GTT‘s Mark III membrane LNG fuel tank technology and Deltamarin‘s advanced design technology in the field of car carriers.

The in-principle approval certificate issued by the DNV classification society shows that this type of design is technically feasible in construction and operation. The innovative designs of Deltamarin and GTT are designed to optimize loading, improve energy efficiency, and maximize the degree of automation and control of the natural gas system on board in a compact LNG system. The design pressure of this type of LNG fuel tank is 2 kg, which improves the pressure holding capacity of the fuel tank and increases the operational flexibility during natural gas bunkering.

Deltamarin is the world’s largest independent ship design company in China Merchants Industry. Promoting the sustainable development of the shipping industry has always been one of the company’s driving forces. Innovative design can not only reduce the current carbon emissions but also devote itself to planning the low-cost shipping industry in the future. The road of carbon and zero-carbon operation leads the industry to the correct decarbonization path.

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近期,在挪威海事展期间,DNV船级社海事业务首席执行官Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen在奥斯陆向招商工业旗下德他马林(以下简称“Deltamarin”)公司销售经理Kristian Knaapi和法国GTT公司董事长兼首席执行官Philippe Berterottière,颁发了一型液化天然气(LNG)双燃料汽车运输船的设计原则性认可证书。

该型汽车运输船由Deltamarin和GTT联合研发,使用LNG双燃料,载车辆8000辆。设计完美融合了GTT公司Mark III型膜式LNG燃料舱技术和Deltamarin在汽车运输船领域的先进设计技术。




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