October 5, 2023


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DSIC builds 115,000DWT Oil Tanker for Maersk has successful sea trial

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DSIC builds 115,000DWT Oil Tanker for Maersk has successful sea trial

On April 13, the 115,000DWT crude oil/product oil tanker No. 6 built by DSIC, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation for Maersk Tankers, started its trial voyage.

The ship has a total length of 250 meters, a molded width of 44 meters, a molded depth of 21.9 meters, a design draft of 13.75 meters, and a deadweight of 115,000 tons. The hull is of the double hull, double bottom, single deck, and longitudinal framing structure; the cargo area is equipped with 6 pairs of specially coated cargo tanks, 1 pair of specially coated dirty oil tanks, and 1 specially coated residual oil tank; the ballast area is equipped with 6 pairs of ballast tanks and fore and aft peak cabins. The ship is equipped with FRAMO cargo oil deep well pump and G60ME-C main engine and uses light diesel oil and low-sulfur fuel oil as the main fuel.

During the mooring stage of the ship, the main sandblasting of the cargo hold special coating started in early January, and the full-cycle winter special coating construction was carried out. The workload of thermal insulation materials, heating pipeline laying, and post-protection were huge. The management personnel planned in advance implemented them in place and supervised the whole process. Completion of ballast tank and cargo tank painting construction. The project team worked closely with the Second Department of the slipway, overcame many difficulties, dug deep into the internal potential, took the initiative to troubleshoot problems, and completed the commissioning and inspection projects for important equipment such as lifeboats, rescue boats, and main engine alarm points on schedule.

The ship achieved five firsts in the construction process: 1. For the first time, the left and right slop tanks, the immersion of the residual oil tanks, and the inspection before the strength trial were completed. 2. For the first time, the ODME system has completed the pre-trial inspection. 3. Complete the FRAMO hydraulic system installation, tightness, and oil-crossing inspection 40 days before the first sea trial. 4. All construction is completed before the first trial of room integrity. 5. For the first time, the construction of the deck surface and the ground finish of the main building has been completed, laying a solid foundation for the delivery of the ship on schedule after the sea trial.

Source: eworldship

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