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DSIC had joined to build its own Chinese LNGC

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Delivery 307000DWT NEW ADEN

On September 24, the 300,000DWT VLCC “NEW ADEN” built by DSIC and CSTC for China Merchants Steamship under China Merchants Group was officially named and delivered. On the same day, DSIC and CSTC successfully undertook the new construction project of two large LNG carriers of 175,000cbm from China Merchants Steamship. 

Yang Jincheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Shipbuilding Corporation, Sun Wei, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, Miao Jianmin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Merchants Group, Hu Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager, Duan Xianghui, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Director, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Li Bai’an attended the ceremony. Miao Jianmin named the new ship, Yang Jincheng and Hu Jianhua delivered speeches at the ceremony, and Duan Xianghui cut cables for the new ship. Heads of relevant departments of China Shipbuilding Corporation and China Merchants Group headquarters and relevant member units attended the ceremony.

The 300,000DWT VLCC “NEW ADEN” was delivered

On the morning of September 24, China Merchants Steamship held the handover and naming ceremony of the world’s first biplane-powered sail supertanker ordered by DSIC. The world-class VLCC equipped with second-generation sail devices and comprehensive performance indicators is named “NEW ADEN”, which aims to commemorate the first bureau ship “ADEN” at the beginning of the establishment of the China Merchants Group 150 years ago. 

The “NEW ADEN” ship is 333 meters long, 60 meters wide and 30 meters deep. It has entered the single class of the China Classification Society. It is the second-generation sail system 2.0 experimental ship of the “Sail Technology Demonstration Application Development” project approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. , The ship is equipped with two pairs of new-generation large-scale rigid airfoil sails, the sails are raised to a height of nearly 40 meters. The use of sail devices is expected to achieve an average annual fuel saving of more than 9.8%, which can reduce carbon emissions by more than 2,900 tons. It is called an outstanding representative of VLCC’s new energy-saving and environmentally friendly ships, and its comprehensive performance indicators have reached a world-class level.

Compared with the previous generation ship, the “NEW ADEN” pays more attention to the optimization of the ship’s operating performance, reduces the ship’s operating fuel consumption, and enhances the ship’s sailing performance in wind and waves. This ship type not only has excellent overall indicators but also has excellent safety and environmental protection performance, meeting HCSR common structural specifications, the latest nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides emission standards, EEDI and EEXI indicators, the EU Ship Recycling Convention Hazardous Materials List, the latest large oil company requirements. 

As a result of the cooperation between DSIC and China Merchants Steamship in implementing the national dual-carbon strategy, the “NEW ADEN” has installed two pairs of new-generation large-scale rigid airfoil sails. It is independently developed by the domestic scientific research team participated by Guangwei Composite Materials and other units. Taking the Middle East-Far East route of the “NEW ADEN” at economical speed as an example, the use of sailing devices is expected to achieve an average annual saving of more than 9.8% in fuel consumption and a reduction of more than 2,900 tons of carbon emissions.

Yang Jincheng pointed out that the “NEW ADEN” ship is a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly VLCCs introduced to the market by China State Shipbuilding Corporation to adapt to the green and low-carbon development trend of the global shipping industry. The technical and economic indicators and emission indicators are at the leading level in the world. In October 1872, the first merchant ship purchased by China Merchants Group was the “ADEN”. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of China Merchants Group, the No. 100 crude oil tanker built by DSIC was selected and named “NEW ADEN”. The round, paying tribute to the century-old investment promotion, is of great significance.

Hu Jianhua said in his speech that since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between China Shipbuilding Corporation and China Merchants Group in 2018, both parties have leveraged their respective advantages to build a “win-win” strategic partnership for sustainable development. “NEW ADEN” is the 100th VLCC built by DSIC headquarters, and it is also another major project jointly cooperated by the two sides. In the future, it will help CMES to continuously improve and consolidate its core competitiveness, and provide a stronger guarantee for national energy transportation security.

Hu Jianhua said that every link from the signing of the construction contract to the smooth delivery of the “NEW ADEN” is inseparable from the strong support of relevant government agencies, China Shipbuilding Corporation, classification societies, and other units, and also inseparable from the CNOOC Group and other important Close cooperation with customers. As the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is about to be held, on the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, China Merchants Group will continue to deepen the all-round cooperation with China Shipbuilding Corporation and customers and write on the road of building a world-class enterprise in a new chapter.

Wang Zhixian, CEO of Liaoning Port Group, Deng Weidong, Chief Strategy Officer of China Merchants Group and Minister of Strategic Development Department/Technology Innovation Department, Xie Chunlin, Chairman of China Merchants Shipping, Hu Yong, General Manager of China Merchants Taiping Bay, etc.; CNOOC, PetroChina, Hengli Petrochemical, China Relevant persons in charge of Classification Society, Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration, Shanghai Shipping Exchange, Qingdao Shuangrui, Beijing Gas Group, Xintian Green Energy, CSSC, and DSIC; as well as the “NEW ADEN” shipbuilding supervision team and relevant representatives participated the handover ceremony was held.

The first batch of 2 large-scale LNG carrier projects signed

The large-scale LNG carrier project signed by CMES this time is the first LNG carrier order in the history of DSIC. This type of ship is independently developed by DSIC. The total length of the ship is 295 meters, the molded width is 46.4 meters, the molded depth is 26.2 meters, the design draft is 11.5 meters, the designed service speed is 19.5 knots, the total cargo hold capacity is 175,000cbm, and the cargo hold capacity at the port is 175,000cbm. It can very well match the loading capacity of the current mainstream shore station 160,000cbm of storage tanks. At the same time, compared with the mainstream 170,000cbm-class LNG ships in the current market, this type of ship not only has the advantages of cargo hold capacity but also has the interchangeability of fleet deployment, which improves the flexibility of ship operation.

This type of ship achieves a total balance in terms of economy, flexibility, and compatibility. It can dock at most of the world’s large LNG shore stations, with excellent portability and ship-to-shore compatibility. This type of ship is equipped with the latest LNG dual-fuel low-speed main engine, which can meet the most stringent emission standards of the International Maritime Organization in both fuel and gas modes, further reducing the oil and gas consumption of the main engine. The application of the new double skeg line type further improves the hydrodynamic performance and enhances the safety redundancy of the propulsion system. With the GTT Mark III Flex-type cargo containment system, the evaporation rate is reduced to 0.085%, and the standard configuration of the reliquefaction device can flexibly handle LNG boil-off gas. The ship type development has completed the basic design tasks and has been approved in principle by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and China Classification Society.

In his speech, Yang Jincheng said that China Merchants Group is a century-old enterprise and a pioneer in my country’s national industry and commerce. China Shipbuilding Corporation is the national team and main force in the development of China’s shipbuilding industry. Since its reorganization at the end of 2019, it has developed into the world’s largest shipbuilding group. For a long time, the two sides have implemented national strategies such as national shipbuilding, national transportation of domestic goods, and building a shipping power, a maritime power, and a shipbuilding power, achieving win-win development and forging a profound friendship.

Yang Jincheng said that China Shipbuilding Group would take this series of activities as a new starting point, give full play to its comprehensive advantages such as technology and supply chain, and go all out to complete the construction of LNG ships with high-quality quality, and return the trust and support of China Merchants Group with high-quality ships. The cooperation between the two parties has yielded fruitful results. As the leading central enterprises in the upstream and downstream fields of the industrial chain, it is hoped that both parties can take on the important task of promoting the mutual promotion of the international and domestic dual cycles and maintaining the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain. The industrial chain will work together and go hand in hand to jointly write a new chapter of high-quality development and make new contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

China Merchants Group is an important strategic partner of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. The two parties have maintained a close cooperative relationship and have achieved fruitful results in many projects. Since 2007, DSIC, CSSC, and China Merchants Shipping have signed orders for more than 30 large ships totaling nearly 9 million deadweight tons, including 300,000DWT VLCCs, 175,000cbm of large LNG carriers, and other high value-added ships. . In the future, DSIC will join hands with China Merchants Steamship, continue to lead the research and development and design of VLCC green ship types, and carry out several green cutting-edge technology real ship applications.

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9月24日,中国船舶集团旗下大船集团联合中船贸易为招商局集团旗下招商轮船建造的30万吨VLCC “新伊敦”轮正式命名交付。同日,大船集团联合中船贸易成功承接了招商轮船2艘17.5万立方米大型LNG运输船新造项目。



9月24日上午,招商轮船在大船集团订造的全球首艘双翼动力风帆超大型油轮举行交接船暨命名仪式。这艘配备第二代风帆装置、综合性能指标世界一流的VLCC取名“新伊敦(NEW ADEN)”,旨在纪念150年前招商局创立之初的第一艘局轮“伊敦”轮。

“新伊敦”轮船长333米、宽60米、型深 30米,入中国船级社单一船级,是国家工信部批复的“风帆技术示范应用开发”项目的第二代风帆系统2.0实验船,该轮安装了两对新一代大型硬质翼型风帆,风帆升起高度接近40米,风帆装置的使用预计将实现年平均节油消耗超过9.8%,可减少约2,900多吨碳排放,堪称VLCC新型节能环保船的杰出代表,综合性能指标达到世界一流水平。








该型船安装最新型LNG双燃料低速主机,在燃油和燃气模式均可以满足国际海事组织最严苛排放标准,进一步降低了主机油耗和气耗。应用新型双艉鳍线型,进一步提升了水动力性能,增强了推进系统安全冗余。采用GTT Mark III Flex型货物围护系统,蒸发率降低至0.085%,并标准配置再液化装置,可以灵活地处理LNG蒸发气。船型开发已完成了基本设计任务,获得英国劳氏船级社和中国船级社的原则性认可。






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