October 4, 2023


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DSIC receives 2+2 orders of 7,100 TEU container ships

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DSIC & Danaos - Contract Signing for 2+2 7,100 TEU Container Ships

On March 11, DSIC, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and CSTC successfully undertook the new construction project of 2+2 7100TEU container ships from the Greek shipowner Danaos. The representatives of all parties signed the shipbuilding contract in the form of cloud signing.

The ship type signed this time adopts the design of the new generation 7100TEU container ship of Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, which meets the requirements of Tier III emission standards of the International Maritime Organization and the third stage of EEDI standards, and has the performance advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.

Danaos is one of the world’s largest independent container ship owners, owning 71 container ships ranging from 2,200 TEU to 13,100 TEU, and has long-term ship lease contracts with a number of leading liner companies.

Just a few days ago, DSIC and CSSC received another order for two 7,100TEU container ships from German shipowner AL Maritime Holding (ALMH). The design of the new generation 7,100TEU container ship of Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute is also adopted.

After the 2+2 7,100TEU container ships all take effect, DSIC will have a cumulative capacity of 10 ships of the same type, and will steadily realize the mass and efficient construction of the main ship type, and continue to rank first in the global newbuilding market for medium-sized container ships. echelon.

This signing is the first time that the shipowner has joined hands with China State Shipbuilding Corporation after ten years. It is also the first time that it has placed an order for shipbuilding in DSIC. It will further deepen the business friendship between DSIC, CSSC, and shipowners, and will continue to improve And consolidate the market share and leading position of DSIC in the field of medium and large container ships.

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本次签约的船型采用上海船舶研究设计院新一代7100TEU集装箱船设计,满足国际海事组织Tier III排放标准要求和EEDI 第三阶段标准,具有节能环保的性能优势。


就在前几天,大船集团联合中船贸易再次接获德国船东AL Maritime Holding (ALMH)公司2艘7100TEU集装箱船订单。同样采用的是上海船舶研究设计院新一代7100TEU集装箱船设计。




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