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DSIC receives a large order for a new ship type of 10 Bulk Carriers from CITIC Leasing

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DSIC receives a large order for a new ship type of 10 Bulk Carriers from CITIC Leasing

On March 29, China Shipbuilding Industry Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, jointly with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. and CITIC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. formally signed the construction contract for 10 65,000ton Bulk carriers in the form of “cloud signing”.

Yu Xiudong, President of CITIC Leasing, Hu Kai, General Manager of CSSC Trading, and Yang Zhizhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of DSIC attended the signing ceremony.

This type of ship adopts a new generation of ship type design independently developed by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation. The total length is about 209.95 meters, the width is 34.8 meters, the depth is 18.0 meters, and the designed draft is 11.70 meters. It is equipped with energy-saving ducts and other devices. The nautical mile fuel consumption is significantly better than similar ships, the energy efficiency index is 25% lower than the domestic baseline, and the economy is outstanding. At the same time, this type of ship also adopts a new type of superstructure with low wind resistance, which has an obvious drag reduction effect when sailing at sea and has the performance advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, according to the rating of “Main Performance Level of Marine Transport Ships” (CB/T 3886-2002), this type of ship has excellent performance among the same type of ships in the market, reaching the special class.

This type of ship can sail in the domestic offshore navigation area and the ports below Nanjing on the Yangtze River. It can maximize the cargo capacity in the waterway with the limited draft, and the cargo hold of this type of ship is large, which can meet most bulk cargoes. After the completion and delivery of these ships, they will be leased to domestic first-class shipping companies to serve the transportation guarantee of national resources and energy, and mainly operate domestic coastal routes along the Yangtze River.

As the main platform of China Shipbuilding Corporation‘s shipping and marine industry market operations, CSSC actively tracks and expands the domestic shipping market in the new development pattern of domestic and international dual-cycle mutual promotion. In this ordering project for 10 new 65,000ton bulk carriers, the CSSC-related team overcame the impact of the epidemic, actively promoted the project, coordinated with shipyards, and met the needs of shipowners. After several rounds of technical and business exchanges, the final success was achieved. Realize the project landing contract.

This signing is the first time that CITIC Leasing has ordered new ships under the operating lease model, which fully reflects its trust in DSIC and CSSC, and consolidates DSIC‘s market share in the bulk carrier field. At the same time, this cooperation will further implement the strategic cooperation between China State Shipbuilding Corporation and CITIC Group, give full play to the industrial and financial advantages in their respective fields, promote the coordinated development of industry and finance, and jointly contribute to the construction of my country’s maritime power in ships and finance.

It is understood that CITIC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established on April 8, 2015, which is an important strategic layout for CITIC Group and China CITIC Bank to serve the real economy. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China CITIC Bank, in accordance with the development strategy of “specialization, marketization, and internationalization”, CITIC Leasing is deeply engaged in the financial leasing business in major fields such as clean energy, energy-saving, and environmental protection facilities, high-end equipment manufacturing, and people’s livelihood undertakings. To expand the financial leasing business in the field of medical ships, and strive to provide our customers with high-quality and efficient comprehensive financial services.

By the end of 2019, the cumulative investment of CITIC Leasing exceeded 100 billion yuan, ranking at the forefront of the financial leasing industry and becoming the backbone of China CITIC Bank‘s comprehensive financial services.

Since 2021, CITIC Leasing has further promoted the strategic transformation of “limited diversification”. On the basis of consolidating the characteristics and advantages of green leasing, it has comprehensively expanded from traditional leasing business fields such as ships and aircraft to emerging business fields such as Pratt & Whitney and medical care, and strives to create “The business combination model of “one big, small and stable” provides our customers with more diversified and more professional financial leasing services.

In the development of the ship leasing business, CITIC Leasing will take the lead in launching multiple RMB businesses in 2021, realizing 1 ship financing lease, 1 ship operating lease, and 1 container financing lease, with a total project value of nearly 500 million yuan. The cooperative charterers are all leading shipping companies in the field of domestic trade shipping. At the same time, the company has made every effort to promote the application of offshore leasing business qualifications for registered project companies in the bonded area, and actively market and reserve US dollar business.

CITIC Leasing has previously stated that in the next step, CITIC Leasing will accelerate the development of the shipping financial sector, continuously improve the professional level of ship leasing, especially operating leasing, give full play to the synergy and synergy advantages of CITIC Group, and deepen cooperation with more domestic and international first-class shipping companies. Contribute to serving the real economy.

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该型船采用中国船舶集团旗下上海船舶研究设计院自主研发的新一代船型设计,总长约209.95米,型宽34.8米,型深18.0米,设计吃水11.70米,并配备了节能导管等装置,每海里油耗明显优于同类船型,能效指标低于国内基线25%,经济性突出。同时,该型船还采用了新型低风阻上层建筑,海上航行时减阻效果明显,具有节能环保的性能优势。此外,按照《海运运输船主要性能水平评级》(CB/T 3886-2002)评级,该型船在市场同类型船中性能优异,达到特级。










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