November 28, 2022


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DSIC schedules sea trial of 8th Maersk product tanker in the series

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On 12 Oct., DSIC successfully constructed the 115,000 DWT crude oil/ product oil tanker Maersk Stella. The vessel is the eighth newbuild of the Maersk crude oil/product tanker series, leading a new generation of product tankers.

It is equipped with FRAMO deep-well pumps and aiming to be energy-saving. It has excellent fuel-saving and cargo-carrying performance.

The ship has a total length of 250.0 meters, a molded width of 44.0 meters, a molded depth of 21.9 meters, a design draft of 13.75 meters, a structural draft of 15.35 meters.

The cargo hold area is a double hull, double bottom, single deck, and longitudinal frame structure; the cargo hold is divided into 6 cargo holds, 1 slop tank, and 1 residual oil tank. There are 6 ballast tanks on both sides of the cargo hold.

Wharf mooring stage

During the mooring stage, the ship has a total construction period of 92 days, setting a record for the shortest series of ships.

The construction and inspection of important systems such as empty ship weighing, FRAMO, and cargo oil have been completed ahead of schedule, laying a solid foundation for the scheduled sea trial.

Source DSIC

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