November 27, 2022


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DSIC starts construction of the first 7,100TEU Container Ship for AL Maritime

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DSIC starts construction of the first 7,100TEU Container Ship for AL Maritime

On April 6, the 7100TEU container ship No. 1 built by DSIC, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation for German AL Maritime Holding, started construction at the Dalian base.

This series of ships has a total length of about 255 meters, a molded width of 42.8 meters, and a molded depth of 24.6 meters. It can carry more than 7,100 standard containers. It has good portability and seaworthiness, flexible application scope, excellent rapidity indicators, and obvious energy-saving effects. It meets the requirements of Tier III emission standards of the International Maritime Organization and the third stage of EEDI standards and has significant advantages in energy saving and environmental protection performance.

In March 2022, DSIC and German AL Maritime Holding signed an order for 2 more ships on the basis of the existing orders for 4 7,100TEU container ships; up to 10. DSIC will steadily realize the mass and efficient construction of the main ship types, and continue to be the first echelon of the global medium-sized container ship new-build market.

This series of ships applied the ABS classification society “Ammonia Fuel Ready level 1C” classification symbol for the first time, and independently designed the ammonia fuel preparation technical scheme, so as to make technical preparations for the future modification of ammonia fuel power for ships to meet the requirements and standards of IMO low-carbon emissions. Prepare.

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4月6日,中国船舶集团旗下大船集团为德国AL Maritime Holding 公司建造的7100TEU集装箱船1号船在大连基地开工。

该系列船总长约255米,型宽42.8米,型深24.6米,可运载超过7100个标准集装箱,具有良好的适港性和适航性,应用范围灵活,快速性指标优秀,节能效果明显,满足国际海事组织Tier III排放标准要求和EEDI第三阶段标准,具有显著的节能环保性能优势。

2022年3月,大船集团与德国AL Maritime Holding公司在已有4艘7100TEU集装箱船订单的基础上又签订2艘船订单;同月,又承接希腊Danaos公司2+2艘船订单,累计订单量已达10艘。大船集团将稳步实现主建船型的批量化高效建造,继续位居全球中型集装箱船新造市场的第一梯队。

该系列船首次应用ABS船级社“Ammonia Fuel Ready level 1C”船级符号,自主设计氨燃料预备技术方案,为船舶日后改装氨燃料动力,进而满足海事组织低碳排放的要求及标准做好技术准备。


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