January 29, 2023


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DSIC took 172 days to deliver a 307,000 VLCC Kaizhi

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DSIC once again sets a remarkable milestone in shipbuilding. The shipyard has taken exact 172 days from the keel bottom to the delivery of 307,000DWT VLCCKaizhi”. Overcome the pressure of pandemic and sharp price of materials cost, it took Kaizhi 88 days from the keel building to first time hit the water. And other 84 days to the delivery.

DSIC builds strong trust in customers.

Good production stage to reach the delivery plan on time

In order to ensure that the delivery plan was realized on time, the project team put great effort into production and construction. During the production stage in the dock, the project team and the dock team deployed elite teams strictly to control the closing accuracy, grasp the construction quality, and actively take corresponding measures to make sure the effective and efficient production of the entire ship.

The experts daily go to the production site for checking and solving any raised issues, make the report on the same day. Great work monitor helps DSIC effectively shortens wins valuable time for underwater staging and installation.

Underwater commissioning stage

The ship entered the underwater commissioning stage. All the environments, actual nodes, other factors are taken into account day by day to measure construction cycles. DSIC simulated various plans established a communication platform, and did good preparation of related equipment accessories and service providers to the factory, the utilization of production resources can be maximized.

The engineering commissioning team focused on the overall situation and took the initiative to lay a solid foundation for the better realization of the sea trial mission.

Kaizhi first hit the water

During the trial voyage, DSIC teams communicated with the shipowner’s inspection plan daily confirmed the delivery environment in advance, and self-inspected delivery content, etc.

The inspection time was on the plan, accurate within half an hour. During the inspection process, the three items of main engine durability, ship speed measurement, and UAV cabin inspection were integrated. The inspection of the three items was successfully completed in only 14 hours, which greatly shortened the trial time.

With the joint efforts of the trial crew, the ship’s trial time was 5 days, and the actual nautical project was delivered for 87 hours. The strength of the cargo tank/ballast tank, magnetic compass, navigation lights, durability of the main engine, drone cabin, speed measurement, cargo, and oil connection. All the adjustment items passed the shipowner’s inspection and acceptance at one time, and the pass rate reached 100%.

Source DSIC

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