May 21, 2024


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ESVAGT will join with Orsted to build the world’s first green fuel

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ESVAGT will join with Orsted to build the world's first green fuel

Danish shipowner ESVAGT will build the world’s first green-fueled wind farm operation and maintenance vessel (SOV) to help decarbonize the maritime and offshore wind industry. On April 8, ESVAGT announced that it has signed an agreement with Danish offshore wind power giant Orsted to invest in the construction of the world’s first SOV that can run on green fuels. The vessel will be powered by batteries and dual-fuel engines, capable of harnessing wind energy. Renewable e-methanol (e-methanol) produced with bio-carbon can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 4,500 tons per year.

The new ship has a total length of 93 meters, a width of 19.60 meters, a maximum draft of 6.50 meters, a speed of about 14 knots, and can provide accommodation for 124 people. ESVAGT did not disclose the specific information of the relevant shipyard but said that the ship will start construction in the second quarter of 2022 and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2024, serving the Hornsea 2 wind farm on the east coast of the UK, the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

Using the latest technology, the vessel is designed with comfort and high maneuverability in mind, providing efficient working space and ensuring the safe transfer of technicians to offshore wind farms. In addition, the ship provides recreational activities for the crew and technicians on board, including fitness facilities, games room, cinema, and individual accommodation. The SOV is also equipped with a helipad for quick access and transfer from shore.

Emissions from offshore wind farms are already 99 percent lower than those from coal-fired power plants, throughout asset production, construction, and installation. The cooperation between ESVAGT and Orsted is an important step toward reducing residual emissions. In addition, the decision to invest in the new green fuel SOV is also in line with Orsted‘s goal of achieving carbon neutrality in energy production and own operations by 2025.

Mark Porter, Head of Offshore Business at Orsted, said: “As a leader in offshore wind, Orsted is naturally leading the way in driving fossil fuels out of the wind industry. We have set clear goals and a clear direction to achieve Net zero emissions. This new methanol-powered SOV is tangible evidence of our clear commitment to meeting these goals. The agreement with ESVAGT both contributes to decarbonizing our offshore operations and demonstrates our strong belief that renewable-based green fuels are The most viable solution for creating a green maritime industry.”

Soren Karas, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer of ESVAGT, said: “This is an important milestone with a real impact on the green transition. Both Wach Energy and ESVAGT share ambitions for a sustainable future, and as industry leaders, we are committed to taking the lead in decarbonizing the maritime industry. We are delighted and proud to be taking a bold step with Orsted to make offshore wind solutions fossil-free with an innovative new solution.”

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新船全长93米,宽19.60米,最大吃水6.50米,航速约14节,能够为124人提供住宿。ESVAGT并没有透露相关船厂的具体信息,但表示该船将在2022年第二季度开始建造,预计2024年年底交付运营,为世界上最大的海上风电场——英国东海岸Hornsea 2风电场服务。



沃旭能源近海业务主管Mark Porter表示:“作为海上风电的领导者,沃旭能源很自然地带头将化石燃料从风电产业中驱逐出去。我们已经设定了明确的目标和清晰的方向,以实现净零排放。这种新的甲醇动力SOV是我们明确承诺实现这些目标的有形证据。与ESVAGT的协议既有助于我们的近海业务脱碳,也表明我们坚信,基于可再生能源的绿色燃料是创建绿色海事行业的最可行解决方案。”

ESVAGT首席战略和商务官Soren Karas指出:“这是一个重要的里程碑,对绿色转型具有真正意义的影响。沃旭能源与ESVAGT都有着可持续发展未来的雄心壮志,作为行业领导者,我们致力于在海事行业脱碳方面起带头作用。我们很高兴也很自豪能够与沃旭能源一起迈出大胆的一步,通过一个创新的新解决方案使海上风力发电解决方案不含化石。”


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