February 28, 2024


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Further breakthroughs have been made in the optimization and upgrading of the BOS BWMS of Weihai Technology

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Recently, the deeply optimized and upgraded Blue Ocean Shield (BOS) Ballast Water Management System successfully passed the USCG shore-based supplementary test, marking the recognition of the effectiveness of the product’s optimization and upgrading and an important breakthrough. COSCO(Weihai) Shipbuilding Marine Technology Co., Ltd (WECOSCO) has further improved the level of quality services provided to customers throughout the process.

The BOS BWMS is mainly upgraded in the following three aspects: First, the discharge process is optimized. The new process discharge no longer needs to go through the filter, which simplifies the operation process, improves the filter life, and improves the actual ship of the system. Applicability; Second, for all salinity waters, the storage time of ballast water treatment is shortened from 24 hours to 2 hours, which can meet the application requirements of all ships in the world, especially for container ships sailing in short distances, and loading and unloading are no longer necessary. Being limited, it can protect the interests of shipowners to the greatest extent; third, the overall operating power of the equipment is reduced by about 12%, which effectively improves the power consumption and economy of the system.

It is worth noting that the above optimization and upgrading can meet the latest technical optimization only by improving the control program operation process, without the need to upgrade hardware equipment and components, which is very convenient and does not cause the shipowner to incur upgrade costs.

In 2020, the company will plan related optimization and upgrading work through calculation and evaluation. In order to fully verify the technical feasibility of the system upgrade, in September 2020, the company’s internal test base was implemented and passed the self-test of the optimization scheme. After that, WECOSCO started the formal test. At the end of 2020, WECOSCO formally submitted an application for optimization testing to DVN. In March 2021, it obtained the approval of the USCG and DNV for the optimization and upgrading test plan and began the formal shore-based testing in September. Under the professional arrangement of the USCG laboratory of Shanghai Ocean University, BOS BWMS products completed all 15 rounds of shore-based tests in just two and a half months, and all the tests were successfully passed at one time, reflecting the excellent performance and high reliability.

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