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Gazprom to implement large-scale and small-scale LNG plants

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marine-news-Dmitry Mendeleev LNG Bunkering Vessel

Dmitry Mendeleev LNG Bunkering Vessel - From Gazprom

Gazprom revealed that the company continues to implement the production and supply of LNG projects.

Gazprom wants to elevate its position in the foreign market, affirming its ability to provide reliable gas supplies to consumers. Gazprom is well-known for supplying the natural gas sector and currently holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves. The project China-Russia East Route natural gas pipeline between Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corp is about to reach the last construction stage.

The intention for implementing the LNG projects is expressed by the company’s BOD. In line with that, the company will keep up with working on other projects.

Gazprom and RusGazDobycha are building the complex for processing ethane-containing gas near the settlement of Ust-Luga. It will include a large-scale LNG production plant with a capacity of 13 million tonnes of LNG per year. Thus, it will become the biggest such plant in northwestern Europe.

Furthermore, the project for the construction of the LNG production, storage, and shipment complex near Portovaya is in its final stage. The complex will produce 1.5 million tonnes of LNG per year. The company is also considering the possibility of building another mid-scale LNG plant near Vladivostok.

Apart from the large-scale LNG plant, Gazprom focuses on developing small-scale LNG complexes as well. The first of these projects took place in the Perm Territory; a small-scale LNG plant and three natural gas receiving, storage, and regasification stations.

Gazprom completed its first Russian LNG bunkering ship

In line with the rapid changes of LNG as a marine fuel, the LNG bunkering ship contributes to this development closely.

In August 2021, Gazprom Neft finished the construction of Dmitry Mendeleev, marking Russia’s first LNG bunkering vessel.

The vessel will serve the cargo and passenger ships refueled with LNG. The operation area is ports in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea including St Petersburg, Ust-Luga, and Primorsk.

The ship is 100 meters in length and has a width of 19 meters. The LNG Bunkering ship can transport up to 5,800 cubic meters of LNG. The Arc4 ice-class reinforced hull means it can navigate one-year-old ice of up to 80 cm thick independently, while its integrated digital system means it can be controlled by just one crew member.

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