May 21, 2024


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Gloryholder won the order of LNG FGSS from Jiangmen Hangtong

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LGM FGSS - MM Marine

In August this year, Gloryholder Liquefied Gas Machinery (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (LGM) signed a general contract for the LNG gas supply system (FGSS) of two 7999DWT dual-fuel bunkering ships with Jiangmen Hangtong Shipping Co., Ltd. of the Fourth Navigation Bureau of CCCC. The gas supply system equipment will be delivered to the shipyard successively in June 2023.

The 7,999DWT dual-fuel refueling vessel has a total length of 103.88 meters, a molded width of 19 meters, a molded depth of 10 meters, and a design draft of 7.2 meters. The LNG storage tank installed on the deck has a volume of about 100 cubic meters. The ship is equipped with a dual-fuel main engine, which can use natural gas and diesel as fuel and can meet the IMO stage 3 emission requirements in gas mode, designed according to Bureau Veritas (BV) specifications, with environmental protection classification symbols such as CLEAN SHIP and GREEN PASSPORT.

It is reported that the owner of the ship is Italian MM Marine Inc., which is the ship management company of Minerva Bunkering Pte and a subsidiary of Mercuria Energy Trading S.A.

LGM will be responsible for providing the complete LNG FGSS, the scope of supply includes a double-layer vacuum insulated C-type storage tank, LNG filling station, water-glycol system, ESD system, and nitrogen cylinders, and other equipment supply, installation guidance, system debugging, gas trial and crew training services, etc.

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7999DWT双燃料加油船总长103.88米,型宽19米,型深10米,设计吃水7.2米。甲板上设置的LNG储罐容积约100立方米。该船配置双燃料主机,可以使用天然气和柴油作为燃料,在燃气模式下能够满足IMO第3阶段排放要求,按法国船级社(BV)规范进行设计,具有CLEANSHIP、GREEN PASSPORT等环保船级符号。

据悉,该船船东为意大利MM Marine Inc. ,该公司为Minerva Bunkering Pte的船舶管理公司,同时也是Mercuria Energy Trading S.A.的子公司。



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