October 5, 2023


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H2Carrier partners with Eurowind to develop marine green ammonia fuel

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H2Carrier partners with Eurowind to develop marine green ammonia fuel

Norway’s H2Carrier and Danish renewable energy project developer Eurowind Energy have signed a memorandum of understanding to conduct technical and commercial research using H2Carrier‘s floating production unit, the P2XFloater, to convert renewable wind energy into green ammonia. 

It is reported that the two companies hope to use European wind and solar resources as feedstock for P2XFloater to help the maritime market enable e-ammonia, the floating production vessel that will be used for safe industrial-scale ammonia production. 

Marten Lunde, CEO of H2Carrier, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Eurowind with the aim of providing green ammonia to the industrial and marine fuel markets. Eurowinf has a major market of over 25,000 km of coastline, which is matched with the P2XFloater system, representing major opportunities for near-shore production of low-carbon fuels.” 

Eurowind also pointed out, “P2XFloater provides Eurowind with the opportunity to rapidly develop renewable energy resources and also allows us to participate in the fast-growing low-carbon fuel market.”

Source: eworldship


挪威H2Carrier公司和丹麦可再生能源项目开发商Eurowind Energy公司日前已经签署了谅解备忘录,双方将使用H2Carrier公司的浮式生产装置P2XFloater进行技术和商用研究,研究将可再生风能转化为绿色氨。


H2Carrier公司首席执行官Marten Lunde表示,“我们很高兴与Eurowind公司合作,旨在为工业和船用燃料市场提供绿色氨。Eurowinf公司拥有超过2.5万公里海岸线的主要市场,其与P2XFloater系统相匹配,代表了近岸生产低碳燃料的主要机会。”



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