May 21, 2024


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Headway completes laboratory testing of new decarbonized substance to reduce ship fuel costs by 25%

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Headway completes laboratory testing of new decarbonized substance

A few days ago, Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. completed laboratory testing of a new decarbonized substance. This substance can not only absorb carbon dioxide quickly and efficiently, but also make the separation of carbon dioxide easier, and its own activity is more durable. Under the condition of combined installation of Headway desulfurization system and decarbonization system, it can reduce the fuel cost of ships by about 25%. It is reported that the decarbonization device supporting the substance will be installed on the actual ship in August this year.

In recent years, with the continuous growth of world trade activities and international shipping volume, scientists in various fields around the world are using various methods to solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions from ships. Among them, it is recognized that the most effective carbon reduction measure is to absorb carbon dioxide directly at the discharge port. At present, traditional industries mainly use ethanolamine (MEA) solution or dimethylethanolamine (DMEA) solution to absorb carbon dioxide. Although this process is widely used in decarbonization devices of major land power plants and refineries, there are still problems such as equipment volume. The disadvantages of large size, many processing steps, high energy consumption, volatile unstable components in MEA, poor solution activity, and short cycle life limit its further application in ocean-going ships.

The new decarbonization material is matched with the decarbonization system independently developed by Headway, which eliminates the MEA solution and DMEA solution used in the traditional decarbonization process, so that the ship carbon dioxide recovery no longer needs to consider the ammonia emission of the traditional decarbonization process, which greatly reduces the The energy required to absorb a unit mass of carbon dioxide. 

According to reports, compared with the traditional process and the carbon dioxide combination ratio of 2:1, the absorption ratio of this substance to carbon dioxide has reached 1:1.4. Applying it to the decarbonization device developed by Headway will greatly save installation space. And it can be installed separately, which saves about 38.5% of energy consumption compared with the traditional process. Under the condition of joint installation of Headway desulfurization system and decarbonization system, it can reduce the fuel cost of ships by about 25%. 

As a high-tech enterprise with scientific and technological innovation as its purpose, Headway will continue to adhere to the development vision of “creating high-end marine products and building an international marine brand”, providing partners with efficient and reliable marine products and technical service solutions, and providing shipping products for shipping. Contribute to the green, smart and sustainable development of the industry.

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