December 6, 2023


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Himalaya Shipping will install scrubbers for LNG-Powered Bulk Carriers under construction by New Times Shipbuilding

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Dry bulk shipping company Himalaya Shipping has decided to install scrubbers on its 12 LNG-powered Newcastlemax bulk carriers being built by New Times Shipbuilding.

Himalaya was just established last year and invested US$800 million to order 12 210,000DWT dual-fuel bulk carriers in New Times Shipbuilding, which are scheduled to be delivered between the second quarter of 2023 and the fourth quarter of 2024. The scrubber will be installed within the previously agreed delivery timeframe and at “attractive prices and payment terms,” ​​the company said, without disclosing a price.

Himalaya noted that after the scrubber is installed, the vessels will be able to use LNG, LSFO (low sulfur fuel oil), or HSFO (high sulfur fuel oil) as fuel, which provides customers with significantly increased flexibility. Based on the current spot price difference between high and low sulfur fuels in Singapore, the investment in the desulfurization unit is estimated to be able to bring in a total benefit of US$7,500 per day during the voyage, and the investment is expected to pay off within 1.5 years.

“The management and the board wish to express their gratitude to New Times Shipbuilding for their willingness and ability to retrofit during the construction process, which underscores the excellent partnership between the builder and the company,” the company said.

It is understood that the series of dual-fuel bulk carriers built by New Times Shipbuilding for Himalaya has a total length of 299.95 meters, a length of 294.75 meters between the two columns, a width of 50.00 meters, a depth of 25.20 meters, a design draft of 18.40 meters, and a structural draft of 18.48 meters.

This type of ship will be equipped with ABB’s integrated system solution including a permanent magnet shaft generator, which can improve the energy efficiency of the new ship by up to 4% compared with the traditional solution, and can save about 20% of the ship’s space. The vessel is fitted with a MAN ME-GI high-pressure LNG dual-fuel engine, combined with a shaft generator concept to provide low methane slip.

It is understood that Himalaya Shipping was established by Tor Olav Troim. Tor Olav Troim was once the right-hand man of the Norwegian Shipping King John Fredriksen. In 2017, he officially entered the bulk carrier market and established 2020 Bulkers. In July of the same year, he ordered eight 208,000DWT Newcastlemax bulk carriers at New Times Shipbuilding.

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干散货航运公司Himalaya Shipping决定为其正在新时代造船建造的12艘LNG动力Newcastlemax型散货船安装脱硫装置。





该型船将配备ABB包括永磁轴带发电机的一体化系统解决方案,相比传统解决方案可提升新船能效高达4%,还可节省约20%的船上空间。船舶安装MAN ME-GI高压LNG双燃料发动机,结合轴带发电机的概念提供低甲烷滑移。

据了解,Himalaya Shipping由Tor Olav Troim创建。Tor Olav Troim曾经是挪威船王John Fredriksen的左膀右臂,在2017年正式进军散货船市场成立2020 Bulkers,并于同年7月在新时代造船订造了8艘208000载重吨Newcastlemax型散货船。


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