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HJ won the first order for 2+2 LNG-Powered 7700TEU Container ships

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HJ won the first order for 2+2 LNG-Powered 7700TEU Container ships

HJ Heavy Industries (formerly Hanjin Heavy Industries) stated on June 23 that the company has signed a formal construction contract for two 7700TEU-class LNG dual-fuel powered container ships with a European shipowner, with a total contract value of 240 million US dollars. In addition, the contract also includes 2 alternative orders. The batch of LNG dual-fuel-powered container ships will be built at HJ Heavy Industries’ Yeongdo Shipyard in Busan and are scheduled to be delivered successively from the end of 2024.

A person from HJ Heavy Industry said that this is the first construction contract undertaken by this type of ship after it was approved in principle (AiP) by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR) in April this year.

The Korean industry has previously revealed that HJ Heavy Industries has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Greece’s Navios Shipping Group for the construction of six 7700TEU-class LNG dual-fuel powered container ships a few months ago, and a formal construction contract will be signed after the final stage of negotiation.

Including the two 7700TEU-class container ships undertaken this time, HJ Heavy Industries has already ensured the workload of eight container ships. If the two alternative orders in this contract come into effect in the future, HJ Heavy Industries will increase the number of hand-held container ship orders to 10, and the order value this year will also reach about 800 billion won (about 620 million US dollars), more than the whole year. Half of the order target value.

According to the international ship network, the 7700TEU-class LNG dual-fuel powered container ship developed by HJ Heavy Industries has a total length of 272 meters and a speed of 22 knots. It adopts the latest ship type technology to improve fuel efficiency; its LNG fuel storage tank adopts the French GTT company’s MARK III film Type containment system with a capacity of 6,000cbm while being optimally configured by design to maximize container loading. This type of ship not only meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for ship sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions but also meets the Gas Fuelled Readiness (GR) classification notation of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and the IMO “International Structure of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk” and Equipment Code (IGC CODE) and other international maritime regulations.

In October last year, HJ Heavy Industries signed a contract for the construction of four 5,500TEU-class container ships with MPC Capital, an independent German container ship owner, with a total contract value of approximately US$270 million. This is also the first time that HJ Heavy Industries has undertaken an order for ordinary merchant ships since 2015. In March this year, HJ Heavy Industries signed a contract for the construction of 2+2 ships of the same type with MPC Capital, with a total contract value of US$150 million. This type of ship has a total length of 255 meters and a width of 37 meters. It adopts an environmentally friendly design, can save 40% of the fuel, and is ready for future conversion to methanol power. The design of this type of ship highlights high efficiency and adopts the DNV environmental protection symbol. It will be built in accordance with the requirements of the third stage of the Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and Tier III emission standards and is a new type of environmentally friendly ship.

HJ Heavy Industries hopes that through the batch construction of the same ship type, the effect of shortening the design time, reducing the procurement cost, optimizing the shipbuilding process, improving the production efficiency, reducing the shipbuilding cost, and increasing the profit can be achieved.

A relevant person from HJ Heavy Industries said: “In order to comply with the trend of the global carbon-neutral era, the company will focus on developing environmentally friendly, high value-added ship types and accepting orders to meet the requirements of ship owners.” (Wang Chu)

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据国际船舶网了解,HJ重工开发的7700TEU级LNG双燃料动力集装箱船总长272米,航速22节,采用最新的船型技术,提高了燃料效率;其LNG燃料储罐采用了法国GTT公司的MARKⅢ薄膜型围护系统,容量达6000立方米,同时通过设计实现了最佳配置,最大限度地提高了集装箱装载量。该型船不仅满足国际海事组织(IMO)的船舶硫氧化物(SOx)排放要求,还满足英国劳氏船级社的Gas Fuelled Readiness (GR)入级符号以及IMO《国际散装运输液化气体船舶构造和设备规则》(IGC CODE)等国际海事法规。

去年10月,HJ重工与德国独立集装箱船东公司MPC Capital签订了4艘5500TEU级集装箱船的建造合同,合同总金额约合2.7亿美元。这也是HJ重工自2015年以来首次承接普通商船订单。今年3月,HJ重工又与MPC Capital签订了2+2艘同型船的建造合同,合同总金额1.5亿美元。该型船总长255米、型宽37米,采用环保设计,可以节省40%的燃料,并且为未来转换为甲醇动力做好了准备。该型船的设计突出高效率,采用DNV环保符号,将按照船舶能效设计指数(EEDI)第三阶段要求和Tier III排放标准建造,属于新型环保船舶。




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