January 29, 2023


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Hoglund wins order for 12 integrated power systems for hybrid bulk carriers

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Integrated power systems for hybrid bulk carriers

Norwegian integrated automation and energy specialist Hoglund has recently signed a contract with European AtoB@C Shipping to supply hybrid power and automation systems for six 5,350DWT hybrid bulk carriers, as well as the right of the first choice for the contract for another six ships. It is reported that the new ships will be built by an Indian shipyard and are scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of 2023. 

It is understood that the owner of these new ships, AtoB@C Shipping, is a dry bulk carrier in the Baltic Sea region headquartered in Sweden and a subsidiary of ESL Shipping of Finland. This 1A ice-class bulk carrier will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50% compared to AtoB@C Shipping‘s existing ships, with the highest efficiency among ships of its class in the world.

The new vessel will use batteries, shore power solutions, and hybrid power solutions, enabling complete zero-emission and zero-noise port access, allowing inbound and outbound operations on electrical power alone.

Hoglund will supply automation and hybrid power systems for these vessels, and its Integrated Automation System (IAS) will link alarm monitoring, control, and power management systems to bring reliability and control to the ship’s crew and shore-based teams. IAS will also integrate with Hoglund’s cloud-based Ship Performance Monitor (SPM), which uses data from automated systems to monitor performance in real-time. The hybrid system delivered by Hoglund for each vessel includes a 1000 kWh battery. 

Børge Nogva, CEO of Hoglund, said, “We are delighted to be participating again in a hybrid project that demonstrates the rapid embrace of this technology by the marine industry. Not only will our system help to drastically reduce emissions, but it will also enable crew and shore The base team has a better understanding of their ship’s performance.” 

According to the International Ship Network, as early as November 2021, Hoglund was also selected to provide integrated hybrid, automation, and digital solutions for 2 asphalt carriers built by Wuhu Shipyard in China.

Source: eworldship


挪威集成自动化与能源专家Hoglund公司近日和欧洲AtoB@C Shipping正式签订合同,将为6艘5350载重吨混合动力散货船供应混合动力与自动化系统,同时还包括另外6艘船合同的优先选择权。据悉,这些新船将由印度一家船厂建造,计划将于2023年第三季度开始交付。




Høglund公司首席执行官Børge Nogva介绍说,“我们很高兴能再次参与一个混合动力项目,彰显了船舶行业正在快速接受这项技术。我们的系统不仅有助于大幅减少排放,还将使船员和岸基团队更好的了解他们的船舶性能。”



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