December 5, 2023


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Holland Shipyards Group completes upgrading RoRo Heavy Lift Cargo Deck Carrier

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Holland Shipyards Group completes upgrading RoRo Heavy Lift Cargo Deck Carrier

Holland Shipyards Group has completed the upgrade of the Rotra Mare, a large-component deck ro-ro ship from Dutch shipping company Amasus Shipping, in preparation for the transport of a new generation of very large wind turbines. 

The “Rotra Mare” was built in 2017 and was commissioned by Amasus Shipping. The Dutch shipyard group cooperated with Niestern Sander to carry out refit work, increasing the length of the ship from 141.6 meters to 153.2 meters, and a new extension of 11.6 meters. At present, the refitted “Rotra Mare” has completed its maiden voyage.

The “Rotra Mare” was specially built for carrying blades. Previously, it was mainly used to transport towers and blades. It can carry up to 12 sets of 75-meter blades produced at the Hull factory at the same time and ship them to the port of Cuxhaven, Germany. , Denmark Esbjerg Port or other installation ports. After retrofitting, the Rotra Mare will be able to transport larger size wind turbines. The vessel is installing wind turbine blade supports at the Verbrugge terminal in preparation for transporting Siemens wind turbine blades. 

In addition, Amasus Shipping has commissioned the Dutch shipyard group to carry out the retrofit of the Rotra Mare sister ship Rotra Vente (built-in 2016), which is expected to enter service in March 2022. 

Both vessels are purpose-built to meet the transportation requirements of Siemens Gamesa and wind turbine components and are owned and operated by Siemens.

Source: eworldship

荷兰船厂集团完成“Rotra Mare”号大部件甲板滚装船升级

荷兰船厂集团(Holland Shipyards Group)近日完成了荷兰航运公司Amasus Shipping大部件甲板滚装船“Rotra Mare”号的升级改造工作,为运输新一代超大型风力涡轮机做好准备。

“Rotra Mare”号建于2017年,受Amasus Shipping委托,荷兰船厂集团与Niestern Sander公司合作进行了改装工作,将该船船长从141.6米增加到153.2米,新建了11.6米的扩建分段。目前,改装后的“Rotra Mare”号已经完成了首次航行。

“Rotra Mare”号是专门为搭载叶片而建造的,此前主要用于运输塔筒和叶片,最多可同时搭载12套赫尔工厂生产的75米叶片,并将其运往德国库克斯哈芬港、丹麦埃斯比约港或其它安装港口。在改装之后,“Rotra Mare”号将能够运输更大尺寸的风力涡轮机。该船正在Verbrugge码头安装风力涡轮机叶片支架,准备运输西门子的风力涡轮机叶片。

另外,Amasus Shipping还委托荷兰船厂集团进行“Rotra Mare”号姐妹船“Rotra Vente”号(建于2016年)的改装工作,预计该船将在2022年3月投入服务。



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