November 28, 2022


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Huangpu Wenchong’s two-ship sea trail and undock in one day

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Huangpu Wenchong H5678 Sea Trail

On March 4th, the 2038TEU-10# ship (H5678) built by Huangpu Wenchong, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, set off for a trial voyage, and the 2038TEU-11# ship (H5679) was successfully undocked. Two major nodes were completed in one day. The production of the second business department entered the fast lane. 

H5678 sea trials 

Ship H5678 was docked on December 22, 2021, and the docking integrity reached 95% after half-ship floating for 51 days. The construction phase of the ship terminal is just over the Spring Festival holiday. The project team overcame various influences and kept an eye on the production plan. Finally, with the joint efforts of all staff, the trial sailing was set off 34 days earlier than the production line schedule.

H5679 undocked smoothly 

On the afternoon of March 4, with a roaring whistle, the H5679 ship was successfully undocked. The ship is affected by the delay in the arrival of the main engine, the return of the labor force after the year, the weather, and other issues. How to ensure the ship’s undocking state is a test for everyone in the project team.

After the host arrives, there are only 18 days left from the hoisting of the host to the undock, and only 14 days from the hoisting to the undock of the Shanghai Construction. Due to the key construction sequence requirements, it will have a direct impact on the scheduled completion of key nodes such as the electrification of the main switchboard, power generation vehicles, boiler ignition, engine room piping, and superstructure cables, leaving the project team running out of time for on-site construction. In order to start the first battle of the new year, under the leadership of the company’s leaders, departments at all levels worked together to find gaps, set goals, think of countermeasures, and implement them. Finally, it was completed under the unity and cooperation of all departments: the main switchboard was energized. , Boiler boiler, power generation motor vehicle, emergency generator load inspection, driving console energization, hatch cover test box inspection completed, cargo warehouse lighting, the first anchor motor vehicle, NO1-NO8 cargo warehouse wall painting completed, The post-weld integrity inspection of Shanghai Construction 1-3A structure has been completed, and the ship’s un-docking state has reached the expected goal. 

It is reported that H5678 and H5679 ships are 2038TEU series 10# and 11# ships. At present, 9 ships of this series have been delivered, and 1 of the remaining 3 ships has been on a trial voyage, 1 ship has been docked, and 1 ship has been docked.

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