February 28, 2024


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Hudong Zhonghua independently developed the first domestic LNGC pump tower integrated lifting platform

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Hudong Zhonghua independently developed the first domestic LNGC pump tower integrated lifting platform

A few days ago, the first set of LNG ship pump tower integrated lifting platform independently developed by China Shipbuilding Corporation Hudong Zhonghua was successfully lifted in the No. 2 cargo hold of H1831A ship and passed the joint acceptance team composed of the shipowner, ship inspection, and GTT company. This marks that the installation platform of the key process in the special area of ​​the company’s LNG tanker cargo tank has been officially applied to the actual ship, and a breakthrough has been achieved in key process technology. In this project, the company has completely independent intellectual property rights, has applied for two national invention patents, and has been authorized.

The construction of the enclosure system in the pump tower area of ​​the LNGC is the last link in the construction of the entire cargo tank, and the construction efficiency directly affects the construction period of the LNGC. The pump tower of the 174,000cbm LNGC is as high as 30 meters. The traditional construction method requires steel pipe scaffolding to be erected along with the pump tower from the bottom to the top to carry out the construction of the enclosure system in the liquid dome area. It is very easy to cause damage, the construction is difficult, and the safety risk is high. Therefore, the development of a pump tower construction platform with safe and reliable performance, efficient and convenient construction is the key to improving quality and efficiency.

Hudong Zhonghua Technology Research Institute and the Second General Assembly Department carried out the grass-roots party organization “helping and promoting” joint construction activities, established a “four innovations” joint technical research team with party members and youth league members as the core, and carried out the installation platform tooling for the enclosure system R&D. The young talents of the “Four Creation” team carried out brainstorming and developed a “hui”-shaped structure platform, which can be freely disassembled, has strong versatility and a high degree of standardization, and improved the overall efficiency of the main LNG ship products for Hudong Zhonghua core. Contribute new solutions.

During the implementation of the project, the company’s LNG project team gave full play to its safety leadership, carried out project safety risk analysis conscientiously, and organized the LNG Institute, Production Management Department, Health Insurance Department, Security Department, Dongding Company, and the shipowner’s on-site construction supervision team to work together. Collaborate to formulate a project implementation safety emergency management and control plan, and ensure the successful and safe lifting of the first platform, fully demonstrating Hudong Zhonghua‘s strong strength in collaborative innovation and safety culture construction.

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