October 4, 2023


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Hudong Zhonghua started construction of the 4th 174,000cbm LNGC for CSSC Leasing

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Hudong Zhonghua started construction of the 4th 174,000cbm LNGC for CSSC Leasing

On June 21, the steel cutting ceremony of the 174,000cbm LNG carrier (H1830A) was built by Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, was held at Changxing Shipbuilding Base. This is the fourth 174,000cbm LNG carrier built by the company for CSSC

Bao Weidong, Senior Specialist of CSSC, Fu Qiang, Project Manager of Construction Team, Kei Hino, Deputy General Managers of MOL in China, and Qin Chong Yu, and resident surveyor Chen Zhifei attended the ceremony. Weng Hongbing, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of Changxing Shipbuilding, and He Jianghua, the company’s chief LNG architect, attended the ceremony. Company leaders, CSSC Leasing and MOL‘s representatives on-site jointly started the construction of the new ship. 

The ship is 295 meters long, 45 meters wide, and 26.25 meters deep. It adopts Hudong Zhonghua fourth-generation LNG ship type XDF series, adopts dual-fuel low-speed diesel engine propulsion, and is equipped with an advanced environmental protection device SCR (selective catalytic reduction device), fuel oil Both the mode and the gas model can meet the most stringent IMO TIER III environmental protection requirements and meet the most stringent emission standards of the International Maritime Organization.

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该船总长295米,船宽45米,型深26.25米,采用沪东中华第四代LNG船型XDF系列,采用双燃料低速柴油机推进,配备先进的环保装置SCR(选择性催化还原装置),燃油模式及燃气模式均能满足最严格的IMO TIER III 环保要求,满足国际海事组织最严格的排放标准。


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