December 6, 2023


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Hudong Zhonghua wins another order for 02 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels from UHL

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Hudong Zhonghua wins another order for 02 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels from UHL

On May 16, the German heavy lift shipping company United Heavy Lift (UHL) announced that it has ordered two F900 Eco-Lifter multi-purpose heavy lift ships in Hudong Zhonghua, which are scheduled to be delivered between 2023 and 2024.

UHL operates one of the youngest and most energy-efficient multi-purpose heavy lift fleets on the market, including 17 state-of-the-art F900 Eco-Lifter-type vessels to take delivery between 2019 and 2022. The 17 ships are owned by CSSC, of ​​which 12 were built by Hudong Zhonghua and the other 5 were built by Huangpu Wenchong.

With Hudong Zhonghua‘s latest two orders finalized, UHL has increased its F900 Eco-Lifter series fleet to 19 vessels, the most modern and fuel-efficient heavy lift vessel fleet in the industry, with a carbon footprint ratio of Existing heavy lift vessels, are 30-50% lower. The new ships will be equipped with high and low-pressure Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to meet Tier III requirements and minimize CO2 emissions, exceeding the latest Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) benchmarks.

It is understood that in the field of heavy lift ship construction, Hudong Zhonghua has rich experience in product design and construction, and has made continuous breakthroughs in lean construction and innovative management. The F900 Eco-Lifter multi-purpose heavy lift ship is one of its classic ship types. one. This type of ship has a total length of 149.99 meters, a width of 25.6 meters, a depth of 13.5 meters, a design draft of 6.8 meters, a structural draft of 8.3 meters, a service speed of 15.3 knots, a deadweight of 14,100 tons, and two 450-ton cranes with a total lifting capacity of 900 tons. , Class DNV, has the characteristics of a strong ability to adapt to goods, high efficiency in collecting goods, and excellent environmental protection performance.

Andreas Rolner, Managing Director of UHL, said: “One of our goals is to reduce emissions from our own business and to help our clients achieve their decarbonization goals. Sustainability is an integral part of how UHL operates. The key to this change is To build and maintain one of the most modern and fuel-efficient multipurpose heavy lift vessel fleets on the market. We are phasing out all 800 P vessels and replacing these older vessels with modern, fuel-efficient vessels. Our vision is To be a sustainability leader in the heavy lift vessel industry.”

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5月16日,德国重吊船航运公司United Heavy Lift(UHL)宣布在沪东中华订造两艘F900 Eco-Lifter型多用途重吊船,计划在2023年至2024年间交付。

UHL运营着市场上最年轻、最节能的多用途重吊船船队之一,其中包括在2019年至2022年间接收的17艘最先进的F900 Eco-Lifter型船。这17艘船由中船租赁作为船东,其中12艘由沪东中华建造,另外5艘由黄埔文冲建造。

随着沪东中华最新两艘订单敲定,UHL将其F900 Eco-Lifter系列船队数量增加到了19艘,这是业内最现代化、燃料效率最高的重吊船船队,该型船的碳足迹比现有重吊船要低30-50%。新船将配备高低压选择性催化还原技术(SCR),以满足Tier III要求,二氧化碳排放量降至最低,超过了最新的船舶能效设计指数(EEDI)基准。

据了解,在重吊船建造领域,沪东中华具有丰富的生产设计和建造经验,并在精益建造、创新管理方面不断突破,F900 Eco-Lifter型多用途重吊船是其建造的经典船型之一。该型船总长149.99米,型宽25.6米,型深13.5米,设计吃水6.8米,结构吃水8.3米,服务航速15.3节,载重量14100吨,配备两台450吨起重机,总起重能力900吨,入级DNV,具有适货能力强,揽货效能高,环保性能出色的特点。

UHL董事总经理Andreas Rolner表示:“我们的目标之一是减少我们自己业务的排放,帮助我们的客户实现其脱碳目标。可持续发展是UHL运营方式的一个组成部分。这一变化的关键是建立和维护市场上最现代化、燃料效率最高的多用途重吊船船队之一。我们正在逐步淘汰所有的800 P型船,并以高燃油效率的现代化船舶取代这些旧船。我们的愿景是成为重吊船行业的可持续发展领导者。”


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