November 27, 2022


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Hudong Zhonghua wins order for 03 of the world’s largest container ships from Evergreen

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Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding

Evergreen Shipping has placed three additional orders for the world’s largest 24,000TEU container ships in Hudong Zhonghua, increasing the number of 24,000TEU-class super-large ships ordered by the two shipyards of China Shipbuilding Group to 09 ships. 

On March 15, Evergreen Shipping issued an announcement that the board of directors of Evergreen Marine (Asia) Pte. Ltd, its subsidiary, decided to order three 24,000TEU container ships. The counterparty of the transaction was Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., and each new ship The construction cost is 160-190 million US dollars, and the total transaction amount is 500-550 million US dollars (about 3.173-3.49 billion yuan).

Although Evergreen Shipping did not disclose the specific delivery time, according to industry estimates, the three ships may not be delivered until 2025. 

Including the latest three ships, Evergreen Shipping has ordered a total of seven 24,000TEU container ships in Hudong Zhonghua. In November 2019, Evergreen Shipping ordered four 24,000TEU container ships from China Shipbuilding Corporation for the first time, and Hudong Zhonghua and Jiangnan Shipbuilding each won two. In June 2021, Evergreen Shipping ordered two more ships.

The 24,000TEU container ship ordered by Evergreen Shipping is currently the container ship with the largest packing capacity and the largest deadweight ton in the world. The ship is still independently designed by Hudong Zhonghua, with completely independent intellectual property rights. The technical design concept was built according to TIER III specifications. Because of the use of Hudong Linglong-shaped nose and bow design, large-diameter propellers, and energy-saving ducts, the ship has the advantages of rapidity and low energy consumption, and various performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.

In recent years, Evergreen Shipping has continued to order ships and has entered the peak period of new shipbuilding deliveries from 2020, seizing market opportunities and becoming a major driving force for operational growth. In addition to Jiangnan Shipbuilding and Hudong Zhonghua, Evergreen Shipping has also ordered six 24,000TEU-class container ships from Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, of which the first five have been delivered and put into operation on the Far East-Europe route. Ever Art)” round is scheduled to be delivered in May.

According to Alphaliner data, the current fleet of Evergreen Shipping has a total capacity of 202 vessels of about 1.5123 million TEU, including 122 self-owned vessels and 80 leased vessels, ranking 7th in the world in terms of capacity, and 75% of the capacity is installed with desulfurization devices. . At the same time, Evergreen Shipping has 61 new ships of 553,200 TEU under construction, accounting for 36.6% of its existing fleet.

This year, Evergreen Shipping expects 19 new ships to be delivered and put into operation, with a total capacity increase of 193,700 TEU. In the first quarter, 1 24,000TEU, 2 12,000TEU, 2 2,500TEU, and 2 1900TEU were delivered, a total of 9 vessels were delivered. In the second quarter, three 24000TEU, two 2,500TEU, and one 1,900TEU were delivered. In the third quarter, 2 24,000TEU and 2 2,500TEU new ships were delivered. There are also 2 new ships of 2,500TEU in the fourth quarter.

After all, the new ships under construction are delivered, the capacity of Evergreen Shipping will increase to about 2.06 million TEU, surpassing the ocean network shipping, which currently ranks sixth in terms of capacity, and becoming the sixth-largest container shipping company in the world.

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3月15日,长荣海运发布公告,代子公司Evergreen Marine (Asia) Pte. Ltd.董事会决议订造3艘24000TEU集装箱船,交易相对人为沪东中华造船(集团)有限公司,每艘新船造价为1.6-1.9亿美元,交易总金额5-5.5亿美元(约合人民币31.73-34.90亿元)。



长荣海运此次订造的24000TEU集装箱船是目前全球装箱量最大、载重吨最大的集装箱船,该船依然由沪东中华自主设计,拥有完全自主知识产权,采用绿色环保、高效节能、安全的技术设计理念,按照TIER III规范建造。因为采用沪东玲珑型船鼻艏设计,大直径螺旋桨和节能导管等,使船舶具有快速性和低能耗的优点,各项性能指针均达到了国际先进水平。

近年来,长荣海运持续订船,从2020年开始进入新造船交付高峰期,抢占市场先机,成为运营增长的一大动力。除了江南造船和沪东中华之外,长荣海运还在韩国三星重工订造了6艘24000TEU级集装箱船,其中前5艘已经全部交付,投入远东-欧洲航线运营,最后一艘“长彩(Ever Art)”轮计划在5月交付。





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