October 4, 2023


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Hyundai High Efficient Gas Supply System get AIP from DNV & LR

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Hyundai High Efficient Gas Supply System get AIP from DNV & LR

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has successfully developed a fuel supply system for LNG-powered ships that reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

On June 23, Korea Shipbuilding Marine and Hyundai Heavy Industries, the shipbuilding holding company of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, said that the new generation of high-efficiency LNG fuel supply system Hi-eGAS (Hyundai High Efficient Gas Supply System) developed by it has won the Approval in Principle (AIP) certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR).

The fuel supply system is a key technology for LNG-powered ships, and Hi-eGAS is characterized by the ability to recycle the waste heat during the fuel supply process for LNG-powered ships. Compared with the Hi-GAS independently developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries, fuel consumption and carbon emissions can be reduced by 1.5%, thus improving fuel efficiency and reducing fuel operating costs.

LNG-powered ships need to heat and gasify LNG at -163oC and use it as fuel. In this process, there are disadvantages of increasing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. However, Hi-eGAS can use the waste heat of marine engines to heat LNG fuel. This reduces unnecessary fuel consumption, which reduces both carbon emissions and fuel costs.

In addition, Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and Hyundai Heavy Industries have jointly developed the heat exchanger, the core component of Hi-eGAS, with Korean ship supporting companies, which greatly reduces the risk of ice formation in the LNG fuel supply system.

Last year, Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Corporation, in cooperation with the Korea Institute of Machinery (KIMM), conducted an empirical sailing test of the Hi-eGAS using actual LNG fuel under the same conditions as large LNG-powered ships, and its performance and stability were certified.

An official from Hyundai Heavy Industries Group said: “High-efficiency and low-carbon ships are products that are in line with the global trend of achieving carbon neutrality. While developing a new generation of future ships, we also plan to speed up the upgrading of environmentally friendly ship technologies.” (Wang Chu)

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6月23日,现代重工集团造船控股公司韩国造船海洋与现代重工表示,其开发的新一代高效LNG燃料供应系统Hi-eGAS(Hyundai High Efficient Gas Supply System)获得了挪威船级社(DNV)和英国劳氏船级社(LR)颁发的原则性认可(AIP)证书。







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