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Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding delivered the first 18,000cbm LNG bunkering vessel

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Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding delivered the first 18,000cbm LNG bunkering vessel

On March 16, Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding completed the delivery of the 18,000cbm LNG bunkering vessel “K.LOTUS” built for Korea Shipping, which is also the largest LNG bunkering vessel built by a Korean shipyard.

The “K.LOTUS” is 166 meters long, 24.4 meters wide, and 12.9 meters deep. It is equipped with a C-type independent LNG storage tank that conforms to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standard, with a storage capacity of 6,000cbm. LNG can be safely transported in the ultra-low temperature state of -163°C. This type of LNG storage tank is made of 9% nickel alloy steel, which can maintain excellent strength and impact toughness in an ultra-low temperature environment, and has high safety and reliability.

The “K.LOTUS” is also equipped with a dual-fuel engine that can use marine diesel oil (MGO) and LNG at the same time, which can greatly reduce the emission of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx). In particular, the LNG reliquefaction device of the ship has the function of liquefying the naturally gasified boil-off gas (BOG) in the cargo tank at an appropriate temperature and pressure and supplying it as the ship’s power fuel.

In addition, the port and starboard sides of the ship are respectively equipped with a “Loading Arm” device for filling the ship with LNG fuel and an azimuth thruster that can control the ship’s sway when filling LNG at sea, which improves the maneuverability and navigation safety.

According to the International Ship Network, the “K.LOTUS” is the first ship in the 1+1 18,000cbm LNG bunkering ship construction contract signed by Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding and Korean Shipping in November 2019. The contract value is 71.5 billion won (about $61.3 million).

It is reported that the “K.LOTUS” has been leased by the energy giant Shell and will be put into operation at the LNG bunkering hub port in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from April.

An official from Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding said, “By building the largest LNG bunkering vessel in Korea, the company has contributed to further improving the navigation convenience of LNG-powered ships. As the demand for LNG-powered ships increases, the company will use its differentiated technical capabilities. , and play a greater role in building the global LNG bunkering infrastructure.”

As a high-tech and high-value-added ship that can directly supply LNG to other ships at sea, LNG bunkering ships are a key component of the global LNG bunkering infrastructure and are used to supply cleaner low-temperature fuels, with good development prospects. Since the first delivery of the 7,500cbm LNG bunkering vessel in 2018, Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding has received orders for 5 vessels of the same type, ranking first among Korean shipbuilders, and its competitiveness in the medium-sized LNG bunkering vessel market is being recognized. . (Wang Chu)

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此外,该船的左舷和右舷分别安装了向船舶加注LNG燃料的设备“Loading Arm”和在海上加注LNG时可以控制船舶晃动的全回转推进器,提高了操纵性能和航行安全性。






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