December 5, 2023


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Hyundai Samho delivers the 2nd DP2 Suezmax shuttle tanker to AET

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Hyundai Samho delivers the 2nd DP2 Suezmax shuttle tanker to AET

On March 9, Malaysian shipping group MISC Berhad announced that its subsidiary AET Tankers has taken delivery of the latest second-generation DP2 Suezmax shuttle tanker “Eagle Canoas” built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea. This is the second in a series of three DP2 shuttle tankers ordered by AET at Hyundai Heavy Industries in 2019, the first of which was just delivered for operation in January this year. All three vessels have signed long-term charter contracts with Brazil Shipping I Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell, and will be deployed to operate in Brazilian waters after delivery.

Eagle Canoas is a 153,000DWT shuttle tanker built to Shell‘s DP2 shuttle tanker specifications in Brazil, equipped with electrically powered variable frequency drive (VFD) cargo pumps and high-powered thrusters for improved fuel efficiency. The ship is also equipped with energy-saving devices such as Hi Pre-Swirl Duct and Rudder Bulb to further improve propulsion efficiency and meet the requirements of the second stage of the Ship Energy Efficiency Index (EEDI) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III and SOx emission requirements.

AET said the delivery of Eagle Canoas further strengthens the company’s commitment to decarbonization and sustainable development. With the delivery of the vessel, AET solidifies its position as the world’s leading owner and operator of the highly specialized DPST tanker market, with 13 DPSTs in the company’s fleet, of which 8 Ships operate in the Brazilian Basin.

As of now, AET has four DP2 shuttle tankers under construction, including one from Hyundai Heavy Industries and three from Samsung Heavy Industries, all of which are expected to be delivered within this year. After all new ships are delivered, AET will have 17 DPSTs, 13 of which are deployed in the Brazilian market.

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3月9日,马来西亚航运集团MISC Berhad宣布,其子公司AET Tankers已经接收了韩国现代重工建造的最新一艘第二代DP2苏伊士型穿梭油船“Eagle Canoas”号。

这是AET于2019年在现代重工下单订造的系列3艘DP2穿梭油船中的第二艘,首制船刚刚在今年1月交付运营。这3艘船全部与壳牌间接全资子公司Brazil Shipping I Limited签署了长期租船合同,交付后将部署在巴西海域运营。

“Eagle Canoas”号是一艘153000载重吨穿梭油船,根据壳牌在巴西的DP2穿梭油船技术要求建造,配备了电力驱动的变频驱动(VFD)货物泵和大功率推进器,以提高燃料效率。该船还配备了Hi Pre-Swirl Duct、Rudder Bulb等节能装置,进一步提高推进效率,满足船舶能效指数(EEDI)第二阶段要求以及国际海事组织(IMO)Tier III和硫氧化物排放要求。

AET表示,“Eagle Canoas”号的交付进一步加强了该公司对脱碳和可持续发展的承诺。随着该船的交付,AET巩固了其作为高度专业化的动态定位穿梭油船市场全球领先船东和运营商的地位,该公司船队中现有13艘动态定位穿梭油船(DPST),其中8艘在巴西盆地运营。



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