February 28, 2024


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iO3 – The Future Of Maritime Digitalization

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iO3 adopts an innovative approach in the digital evolution for maritime customers today. They provide an integrated communication management platform delivering IoT with built-in cybersecurity.  Their overarching digital platform, JARVISSJust A Really Very Intelligent SyStem”, provides an open, participative infrastructure for data to be transmitted efficiently, supporting enhanced integrated solutions, asset optimization, and delivery of secured critical applications.  

JARVISS, with its AES256 encrypted transport protocol, hosts a variety of native applications for adoption:

  • V.Secure – in compliance with IMO2021 regulation, a comprehensive turnkey security solution (cloud-based program) that secures the maritime ecosystem.  The solution detects, monitors and responds to potential cyberattacks on shipboard systems, navigation and propulsion systems; with a shore portal for details of any suspected attacks
  • V.IoT; a solution providing IoT-as-a-Service, integrating 4 distinct components: Sensors, Connectivity, Data Processing and a User Interface; enabling ships to achieve operational efficiency.   The solution provides customers with more effective operations and decision-making while addressing cost inefficiencies
  • V.Sion – wearable smart glasses for on-site personnel first-view real-time video, supporting video identification and expert control.  The solution allows for remote equipment inspection and classification audit
  • V.Sight – marine standards CCTV cameras with real time streaming on shore; with video analytics functionality.  The solution allows for video surveillance for effective control of any sensitive areas onboard

Adoption of maritime digital solutions enable improved cost through greater efficiency, and will improve the quality of life for thousands of seafarers around the globe.  


Verticals of the maritime industry where iO3’s solutions are applicable include Merchant Commercial Shipping,
Offshore, Oil & Gas, Fishery, Cruise, and Yachting. iO3 adopts an innovative approach in how satellite connectivity can be optimized, connected, and protected for maritime customers today.


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With a wealth of experience, background, and capabilities in comprehensive installing, maintaining, and providing various makers of ECDIS, GMDSS, tracking, and safety equipment, iO3’s team of qualified engineers have been certified and trained to respond to every situation our Maritime’s client encounters as well as to provide valuable design consultancy and reliable service in achieving maximum clients value.

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