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Jiangnan Shipbuilding enter large-scale LNGC market with 04 vessels order

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Jiangnan Shipbuilding

Jiangnan Shipbuilding successfully received the first order for a large-scale LNG carrier, becoming the second shipyard in China to build a large-scale LNG carrier after Hudong Zhonghua.

According to trade wind news, ADNOC Logistics & Services (ADNOC L&S), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), has placed an order at Jiangnan Shipbuilding for 2+2 175,000cbm membrane LNG carriers. Scheduled for 2025, each will cost about $200 million.

ADNOC L&S has been looking to order LNG carriers since the first quarter of last year and plans to order five new ships to replace the aging eight Moss LNG carriers in its fleet. At the time, the company approached five shipyards with an initial offer of $180 million each, with deliveries scheduled to take place between the fourth quarter of 2024 and the first quarter of 2025.

ADNOC L&S originally expected to finalize the order in May 2021, but with the sharp rise in steel prices in mid-2021, the cost of a single LNG carrier has been stable at more than $200 million, and the delivery schedules in 2024 and 2025 Basically full, ADNOC L&S finally chose to temporarily shelve the shipbuilding plan.

If Jiangnan Shipbuilding‘s order is confirmed, it will be the first official order undertaken by Jiangnan Shipbuilding after it signed a letter of intent for the construction of 1+1 large LNG carriers with CSSC in December last year. Jiangnan Shipbuilding has previously built 79,800cbm of medium-sized LNG carriers and 30,000cbm of small LNG carriers but has never built a large LNG carrier of 170,000cbm or more.

However, as the first domestic shipping company to design and build liquefied gas carriers and marine liquid tanks, Jiangnan Shipbuilding positioned membrane LNG carriers as a long-term strategic product a few years ago. In September 2018, Jiangnan Shipbuilding’s 175,000cbm Mark III Flex LNG carrier (LNG JUMBO) obtained the certificate of approval in principle issued by DNV.

This type of ship adopts the GTT membrane Mark III Flex containment system and is equipped with 4 standard cargo holds with a capacity of 175,000cbm. The ship-to-shore matching is flexible and compatible, and it can pass the New Panama Canal without load reduction. The insulation thickness of the ship’s containment system reaches 400mm, which makes the evaporation rate (BOR) as low as 0.085%, thus ensuring more cargo capacity. The ship adopts the typical double bottom, double hull, double side, and double-deck structure, with isolated voids between the cargo holds, in which the compartment heating system is arranged, so that the hull can meet the structural safety requirements of IGC and USCG under severe low-temperature conditions.

On the other hand, although the cooperation in the field of LNG ships is the first time, AW Shipping, the LPG ship joint venture company established by ADNOC L&S and Wanhua Chemical, is an “old customer” of Jiangnan Shipbuilding. In 2020, AW Shipping has ordered five 86,000cbm dual-fuel VLGC series ships in Jiangnan Shipbuilding since its establishment. The first three ships are expected to be delivered in the third and fourth quarters of this year, while the last two are expected to be delivered in January and March 2023.

It is understood that ADNOC, established in 1971, is a world-class oil and gas industry group company. Its product chain involves almost all fields and varieties of oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals. At the end of 2016, ADNOC integrated its three subsidiaries and established ADNOC L&S.

ADNOC L&S is an important link in ADNOC‘s supply chain, transporting the Group’s oil, gas and petroleum products from Abu Dhabi to all parts of the world, while also serving customers worldwide. At present, ADNOC L&S has developed into the largest integrated maritime logistics company in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the owner and operator of the largest fleet in the UAE.

According to Clarksons data, ADNOC L&S currently has 93 ships in its fleet, with a total capacity of 3,104,230DWT. In addition, the company has 5 new ships under construction with a total of 1,200,140DWT, including 4 300,000DWT VLCCs at Daewoo Shipbuilding in South Korea and 1 crew transport boat at the Grandweld shipyard in the United Arab Emirates, all of which will be delivered in 2023.

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据贸易风消息,阿布扎比国家石油公司(ADNOC)旗下子公司ADNOC Logistics & Services(ADNOC L&S)已经在江南造船下单订造了2+2艘17.5万方薄膜型LNG船,新船交付时间定于2025年,每艘造价约为2亿美元。

ADNOC L&S从去年一季度开始寻求订造LNG船,计划订造5艘新船以取代其船队中日益老化的8艘Moss型LNG船。当时该公司接触了5家船厂,最初报价为每艘1.8亿美元,交付时间预定在2024年第四季度至2025年第一季度。

ADNOC L&S原本预计能够在2021年5月敲定这份订单,但在2021年年中随着钢材价格大幅上涨,LNG船单船造价一直稳定在2亿美元以上,而且2024年和2025年的交付档期基本排满,ADNOC L&S最终选择了暂时搁置造船计划。


不过,作为国内最先设计、建造液化气船和船用液罐的船企,江南造船在几年前就将薄膜型LNG船定位为长期战略性产品。2018年9月,江南造船175000立方米Mark III Flex型LNG船(LNG JUMBO)获得DNV颁发的原则性认可证书。

该型船采用了GTT薄膜型Mark III Flex围护系统,设置4个标准货舱,舱容达到175,000立方米,船岸匹配灵活兼容,无需减载可过新巴拿马运河。本船围护系统的绝缘厚度达到400mm,使得蒸发率(BOR)低至0.085%,从而保证了更多载货量。本船采用典型的双底、双壳、双舷侧和双甲板结构形式,货舱之间设置隔离空舱,其中布置隔舱加热系统,使得船体满足IGC和USCG严苛低温条件下的结构安全性要求。

另一方面,虽然在LNG船领域的合作尚属首次,但ADNOC L&S与万华化学组建的LPG船合资公司AW Shipping却是江南造船的“老客户”。2020年,AW Shipping成立之初就在江南造船陆续订造了5艘86000立方米双燃料VLGC系列船。前3艘船预计在今年第三季度和第四季度交付,后2艘预计在2023年1月和3月交付。

据了解,ADNOC成立于1971年,是世界一流的石油和天然气产业集团化公司,其产品链涉及到石油、天然气及石油化工的几乎所有领域和每一品种。2016年底,ADNOC整合了旗下3家子公司,成立ADNOC L&S。

ADNOC L&S是ADNOC供应链中的重要一环,将集团的石油、天然气和石油产品从阿布扎比运往世界各地,同时也为全球客户提供服务。目前,ADNOC L&S已经发展成为海湾阿拉伯国家合作委员会(GCC)最大的综合海事物流公司,也是阿联酋最大船队的所有者和运营商。

克拉克森数据显示,目前ADNOC L&S旗下船队拥有93艘船,运力合计310.423万载重吨,船型涵盖散货船、油船、集装箱船、化学品船、液化气船和海工船等。另外,该公司还有5艘在建新船共计120.014万载重吨,包括在韩国大宇造船的4艘30万载重吨VLCC,以及在阿联酋Grandweld船厂的1艘船员交通艇,均将在2023年交付。


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